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OK, here is where I get a chance to redeem myself a little. You can tell just by looking at Tim Bee that he is a nice guy. You can tell that he is smart and confident, but does not have to be the center of attention.

One thing I liked when I read the Republic's synopsis of Freshmen legislators was when Doug Clark mentioned ideas about environmentalism. He said the GOP gets pegged as anti-environment and that it was not true. By the way, he is another nice and humble person. I hope that is right and one day we can de-politicize and de-stereotype some of the important issues of our day. Then more nice men and women can finish first.

I like Tim Bee. And, IIRC, he even votes with Karen Johnson on being against the unconstitutional tort reform schemes. I may be a pariah on the left for saying this, but I like Karen as well.

Tim Bee, if the GOPers had to win that race, wouldn't be a bad guy.

Tim Bee is a good guy. He stood up against the right wingers and said no to excessive tax cuts and school choice this year. Any Republican that opposes the Goldwater Institute and the Center for Arizona Policy is ok by me.

Nice try with trying to smother the guy to death with your liberal love, Union Guy, but Tim Bee is a conservative. He has a terrific score with both Goldwater and CAP.

I think a bigger point is being missed here. It's not a matter of which movements or endorsements Bee or anyone else gets..it's a matter of how does that person conduct their behavior in office. How do they work the process in a respectful and transparent manner? This is where Bee deserves credit. Ultimately I think we are assessed as to how we treat people, and Bee has proven to be someone of sound character.

Tim Bee is a principled Republican who gets the job done most of the time without making the Dems angry (most of the time). In talking with him, it's pretty clear that you don't always have to agree with him, and that if you do, he's not going to take it personally. That's pretty rare in politics these days. Look how Randy Pullen was savaged by Kyl's and McCain's flackies when the state party stuck up for their voters and opposed the amnesty bill? Bee wouldn't have allowed that to happen -- although Bee was also on Pullen and the voters' side on this one. Democrats like him because Bee views them as the opposition, not as personal enemies. Bee seems to treat everyone with respect and that's a pretty great thing. And, unlike Giffords, who can't even get things done while in the majority, Bee is actually an EFFECTIVE legislator. Personally, if I was Gabby Giffords, I'd be petrified about a Bee candidacy next year!

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