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Good points in this post. Too often, we get caught up in a single issue and forget to take the longer view. I tend not to be a single-issue voter, but I do feel very strongly on the immigration issue, and my views are very different from Senator Kyl's.

When we consider all the important issues, however, I'm probably on the same side as Kyl 80-90% of the time.

I'm sorry but I think your position on Kyle is completely insane.
A principled man doesn't fight to get the best 'bad' legislation he can get, he fights like hell to stop it all together.

" Kyl is taking the pounding like a senator should be willing to do when he’s opposite many of the folks who sent him to Washington."

The only reason for him being in Washington is to represent the views of the people who sent him there. Taking a pounding for basically telling your constituents to get screwed is not something to be admired or given credit for, no matter how politely he does it.
Kyle's position on the war, national security and judicial appointments now mean absolutely nothing because of this legislation, whether it passes or not. He deserves neither our respect, support or trust.
Let him get that from the 12 to 20 million illegals who will, over night, become legal.

Opus: If you agree with somebody on every issue but one, do you throw him out over that one issue?

In an ideal world, I suppose so; but in a real world, we generally have a limited number of choices -- in a general election, only two choices. What are the odds of getting a candidate with whom you agree 100%?

As for "A principled man doesn't fight to get the best 'bad' legislation he can get, he fights like hell to stop it all together" -- there are times I would agree with you. But there are also times when, just as in an election, the choice is between bad and horrible. Kyl thinks that this is such a case. I disagree with him, but I'm not going to condemn him as evil -- he's just wrong.

By the way, his name is spelled without an -e.

"If you agree with somebody on every issue but one, do you throw him out over that one issue?"

If the one issue were not as important as this one then having an extreme reaction would be unreasonable. But we're not talking one piece of tax legislation, or a judicial appointment.
The manner in which this legislation was written, (in secret), then the first attempt to rush it through the senate is obscene.
Kyl can't claim to be tough on security issues while voting for legislation that will give 12 million illegals a visa after a 24 hour background check.
This legislation is just too important and too damaging to this country.


Well said.

Myopic fanaticism is creating a circular firing squad in the GOP on this issue.

Thanks for articulating a well reasoned, principled stand on this regarding Senator Kyl.

I feel similarly to you and have let the Senator know - then I put a new Kyl bumper sticker on my car.

I feel similarly to you and have let the Senator know - then I changed my voter registration to independent.

This could be a great way to cleanse the GOP of all the fork-tongued people.

I will send funds to all primary challengers
of Repubs that vote for this disaster that
Kyl helped conceive in the dark of night.

Interesting that Julie stated she changed from Republican to Independent apparently as a result of the Kennedy Immigration bill being carried by two AZ Senators. After 8 years as an Independent, I just returned to the GOP by re-registering. As a former member of Politicos Anonymous, having spent 25 plus years as a GOP activisits, campaign chair for candidates, and Dist Chair of the old Dist 28 NE Phx, PV, Cave Creek etc. I am back.

I am back into the GOP for one reason; to work to find replacements for "Former Senators" Kyle and McCain. Mr. Hewitt had a great blog, complimentary to Senator Kyle. No doubt he is a decent man. I supported him 100% since his first run at office. What I feel is extreme anger but not long term animosity, some one will come forward to join real Americans like King from NY and King from Iowa and DeMint from NC to actually defend our soil against insurgents. Animosity toward two AZ Senators and a few congresspersons including my own is generated more because of the in-practicality of the legislation. Senator Kyle has been breathing in the Foggy Bottom air far too long. Let him take the big pension and free health insurance and become the flag man at PIR.

He is corrupted (the Senator is not corrupt) by the system and tainted goods to the rank and file of patriotic Arizonans who care deeply about security as governments primary mission. How many years have these two border Senators promised more security, illegal incursion control? Too Long! NAFTA, any one remember that phony ploy by Senator McCain, he said it would keep Mexicans on their side of the border if we would only give them... what? A few auto plants and a few million American jobs.

This is not about racism Senator McCain,it is about Americanism and protecting those who are here legally.

By the way when he is not elected again, it won't be the first time he will have been shot out of the sky due to his lack of attention to the instruments, signals and controls (I am a former military electronic countermeasures tech) could not help including that zinger.

Seriously though, after laying low in the political fray, I want back in. Strange that it has to be for the purpose of replacing relatively conservative pro-life Senators. But so be it. My grand children need to be physically secure from threats within and without. These Senators have broken their oath of office by figuratively hoisting up a Trojan horse filled with criminals and terrorists and are leading the chain gang of liberals tugging the rope and pulling it slowly into my back yard which is very near the main illegal entry point. Damn them for it.

Some things are unforgivable. Putting America at risk by compromising our security in the name of the Farm Bureau or the Contractors Association or cheap cabbage is unforgivable at least from my view.

So perhaps a Help Wanted ad needs to be posted at Monster.com, something to the effect of:

Two positions available, Senator, U.S.

Life time benefits, perks beyond believe, work just 180 days per year, never have a medical bill again. Fly anywhere for free. Lobbyists will gladly hire your spouse and kids. (Dick Morris' book Outrage, a good bi-partisan read.)

Qualifications: you must be a citizen or have credidentials that generally resemble those of a citizen since citizenship is no longer important in the global economy. No education required, staff takes care of the details. No computer skills required, East Indians take care of that for you, just email them your data base, SSN etc.

Duties: Must have proven track record in tryng to tell the truth. You will never actually be required to do so. Must represent the basic principles of Republican Party. Must be a good listener and try to vote as the folks who elected you would like your to vote. Must be willing to resist selling your principles for cash or favors. Must be willing to say NO when asked to carry water for Ted Kennedy.

Apply: Arizona Republican Headquarters ASAP.

Kyle and McCain need to be FIRED!
they are both TRAITORS. They swore to uphold the constitution and neither one is!

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