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Put a fork in pander bear McCain. He's done. His campaign should put out a DNR (do not resucitate) because it's over. And now starting to look pathetic.

Maybe his buddy, the warmonger, bloodthirsty Lieberman can help with fundraising for him as he's too lazy to do it himself. Afterall, Lieberman headlined a fundraiser for the equally bloodthirsty Susan Collins.

I love how Bush screwed McCain in SC in 2000. Then McCain is Bush's biggest sycophant for the next seven years. But does the Bush family EVER pay people back? Um, no. Throughout the years the Bush family takes takes takes and then doesn't come through in return. And I just laugh.

I am so sick and tired of left-wing propaganda. I am so disgusted that the left must constantly pepper their writings with half-truths, sophistic arguments and outright lies. It's time for the right to have the courage to start calling these little Goebbels little Goebbels.

Honestly I am starting to think McCain is finished. But now I must reconsider since the little Goebles is also so sure of himself.

To call Senator Lieberman and Senator Collins warmongers and bloodthirsty, based purely upon subjective emotions, during wartime broaches sedition. What makes this all the more disgusting is that their motive is purely of a partisan nature.

No one who knows anything about politics would ever call McCain a Bush sycophant. McCain has made his disagreements with the President well known. But McCain has also worked hard to help the President accomplish much of his agenda. Since both are center-right Republicans then this is commonsensical and expected.

The Bush family is known worldwide for their loyalty to friends and their integrity. To have some neo-liberal fascist rewrite history merely because the Bush family is Republican reveals how sick the left in America are today!


Jeez, man, learn some perspective -- maybe even some decency. You're sick.

I think Rob needs to stop this. I can't stand it anymore.

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