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The AZ GOP must be on hard times financially. I have been on their 'subscribe list' for over 5 years and I never received almost daily beggings for money. Last week I got one almost every day.

I know I was classy one day but I am going to take a pass this time. This is coming from a man who could not raise money to save his life. What business does he have commenting on other's fundraising prowess? Don't get me wrong, it's not my favorite thing either, but I am not chair of a state party committee.

Aaron, I am assuming you are commenting on my comment. I don't know an Aaron in Arizona. I don't think you know if I have 'fundraising prowess' or don't have it. Actually I have headed up several non-profits and raised money. So I know something of the challenge.

Or did I misunderstand your comment?

Ummm, I think Aaron was talking about Pullen's comment on McCain's fundraising prowess, not your comment Ron. We're all sure you're a good guy.

Yes I was referring to Pullen..not you Ron.

Pullen gets on my nerves. I apologize if I was vague in my posting.

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