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Now it looks like Magruder’s group is supporting the employer sanctions law according to this article.


I did read the whole thing, and I'm still not sure what his objection is. He seems to say that it creates new burdens on employers, but then he says, "it's unnecessary because we're already doing this stuff anyway."

Then he says, "the bill doesn't address the REAL issue." So, pass another bill that does.

>have been trying to paint anyone who thinks it's a bad law as supportive of illegal immigration

Boo-hoo. He (and others) have been calling all the rest of us racists and nativists.

Sounds like Big Mac is making some valid points.

What if someone wanted to pass a new law to require the purchaser of a gun's name to be run through the government's new super-duper database? It would be unnecessary because there are already background checks, etc. Why make more regulations? Enforce the existing law!

Also, I've yet to see anyone dismiss the argument against this sanctions bill offered by WakeUp and the Gov. that proof of using the Basic Pilot system and getting a positive match does not dismiss a potential charge of knowingly hiring an illegal. What if say a partisan prosecutor -- a Terry Goddard-type -- went after a big partisan donor -- a Jim Click type -- even after he had produced the Basic Pilot documentation. Would the Click-type have to lawyer up spend thousands or potentially hundreds of thousands to proove his proof?

Further to Walter's point, it gives me cold comfort that Weiers and Pearce tell me that everything's going to be a-ok as long as I take certain steps in my hiring process. They're not the county attorney or the AG.

Who knows how they're going to pursue these cases?

Also, I know filing a bogus complaint is a misdemeanor under this law, but I still don't want to go through the hassle of defending myself against one.

Don't worry Gerry...If you need a good lawyer and can't afford one, Jim Weiers will gladly lend you the money. Small interest charges will apply.

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