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Jarret's dad is a former Army Ranger and a good guy. He made a lot of sacrifices to send Jarret to Brophy. Both of them worked hard when Jarret ran for city council. Not sure where he went wrong in this campaign and in creating an Al Sharpton wanna-be.

As I understand it Jarret turned in enough signatures, it was just determined that some were invalid. That is a common mistake in a highly contested race, but for an incumbent Mayor who has raised almost 1 million dollars to challenge the petitions of a 19 year old running against him in this town is pretty lame. Did Flash really think that Jarret had a chance, and if he didn't why worry about him?


Looks like he might have had felons collecting some of the signatures. Did Gordon challenge them or did Lory to get a one on one race?

And that picture seems to contradict the "experience" on the top of the sign. He looks 18 years old. Is he really going to run on experience against Phil Gordon, the incumbent Mayor who was on the City Council before that? Seems like a wierd strategy.

Having seen Mr. Maupin perform at the legislature and that is what it was, a performance, he might have experience but not in the areas necessary to run a city the size of Phoenix. He is a kid with an ego that clearly overshadows his common sense and abilities. He reminded me of someone who practices in front of the mirror and hones his words to the point of becoming a caricature of someone who could actually be taken seriously.

According to Mr. Maupin he was raised in a shotgun shack by his grandmother... and he had a scholarship and work study to pay for Brophy, no family sacrifice necessary.... or so the story goes.

Classic goof. But it looks like Brophy didn't do him any good. Didn't Darth Vader choose the impulsive, ego-driven side of the force at about the same age as this guy?

Challenging petitions is not an unfair tactic. Candidates do it all the time, and they should do it. If you don't have the ability to properly gather signatures, you probably don't have much leadership ability at all. And the allegation that some of those petitions were gathered by felons demonstrates the Maupin is, at best, naive. You would think that someone with the ambition to run for mayor would have enough friends and acquaintences to gather signatures: it's just not that hard a task. If you can't do that competently, what else can't you do?

The ends justifies the means mentality is alive and well and works under any political label.

I think Greg's point is well taken. You don't put the cart before the horse. Look at what happened in LD-6 when the former house candidate qualified for Clean Elections funding but did not gather enough valid signatures. Ultimately it's great to have good volunteers but you have to make sure that you are out there getting your own signatures and then verifying them yourself for accuracy.

Greg--Coaching your kids to become politicians? Is that as bad as making them become child actors?

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