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Here is one model for the new media. Register a domain for $10 and host for $60/yr.


Here is a working hyperlink -

Who's going to do actual reporting? I'm sure that question will draw jeers and hoots, but really, if you're not getting paid, how are you going to find a few hours a day away from your paying job to make phone calls, check court records, go to a legislative hearing, and so on?

Someone is out there covering the stories.


I hear Jon Talton and Jeremy Dowell are still unemployed. However, I don't know if you can get a keyboard that will deliver an electric shock when the letters D-E-N-V-E-R are typed in sequence.


I just checked the blogs that were connected in the comment section - and noted that no one is doing an analysis on the City of Phoenix Council races. There are some major differences between the candidates and no one is talking about these differences. It is rather scary.

I have my own analysus which I have begun and would be willing to post on your site or use my own which I created but didn't activate at this point.


“Who’s going to do actual reporting?” Here is Robert Robb acting like a blogger. (He obviously had been reading Espresso Pundit and Sonoran Alliance but does not cite them.)


Here is a blogger getting up from his computer desk and doing actual reporting.


I'd love to produce more content for free like I did for the Republic, but, well, there's a lot to be said for not producing content for free.

If you're planning to build a behemouth online paper to sell to Conde Nast for $10 million and want to give me some shares in exchange for some techie grunt work, let's talk...

I wish you well in your endeavors, but, frankly, I hope this volunteer format never happens.
The problem isn't getting the news out there; the problem is getting worthwhile news out there.
We don't need people witnessing big events to report them. We need people to investigate, to spend time digging and to get beyond the obvious story.
I'm also bothered by this notion of volunteering.
In the end, someone's going to make a dollar off my volunteer reporting. But nobody is offering me a cut of that dollar.
I'd be happy to contribute news from my Web site as soon as the first check arrives.

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