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The entire first page is all Bill Tierney! What's up with that? I'm still looking for the other 24 posters?

How about putting a permanent link to espressostraight.com on your blog to refer your readers there instead of just in an occasional blog post.

Um, Janet on opera?

I think she'd prefer to cover sports. In fact, I think you may be able to get her to quit politics if you gave her the D-Backs to cover.

I have a respectful suggestion:

If someone becomes a "guest" and posts something on Espresso Straight News, they ought to be clearly identified - and no pseudonyms. Yes, I know I'm living in a glass house at the moment, but if I ask to post something in this fashion, it should be clearly from me.

That way people will know which axe I might be grinding, and they can accept, reject or discount whatever I'm pedaling.

Greg -- You've stumped Nutsrootsdemocrat. I guess he's not in the loop on why Napo "loves" opera...he's definitely off on her sports preferences...

Thank you Chad for showing us precisely why people like Napolitano, Kyl and Munsil wouldn't post around here. Cheap shots like that are sure to keep most or all of them at bay.

No matter what anyone's politics are, each of us is a human being with interests and knowledge beyond public policy that we can impart to others. I for one would be interested in hearing what Janet likes about opera and what Len thinks of the Grant Hill deal. Usually when someone writes on a subject about which they are passionate, that passion is evident and even catching.

You do yourself a disservice to immediately dismiss someone merely because their politics doesn't match up neatly with yours.

[And BTW, she is a big D-backs fan. I've seen her at several games.]

Greg Here: Faith, I have to admit that I don't understand Chad's comment. The Guv is well known to be a big opera fan as well as a sports junkie. I'm not very qualified to write about either one, but I could actually cover opera better than sports.

I have had several conservations with Janet regarding sports - baseball and the Diamondbacks in particular. She knows more than I do about it and I (was) sort of a baseball junkie.

Here's an anecdote: In the fall of 2001, when Arizona was making their WS run, I had invited the then AG down to UA Law for a speech loosely sponsored by the law school's American Constitution Society. She spoke during a D-Back/Cardinal day playoff game. She was speaking about 9/11 which had happened a month earlier, but, in the middle of her speech, she asked me to check the score on ESPN from my laptop. She said, "I don't care where I am in my speech, if that score changes, interrupt me and let me know."

Now THAT'S a D-Backs fan! Arizona won the game, behind Randy Johnson, 2-0, IIRC.

But I had no idea she also liked opera. That was the point of my post. But she is very interesting to converse with on many many topics. As one may tell from my posts, I simply adore the Governor.

Thanks Greg. As I said above, I think you've got a fine idea there if you can convince them to do it. It would be cool to see what other sorts of subjects our local pols are unknown or unlikely experts on.

As for Chad, if I'm wrong about his comment being a cheap personal shot at the Guv, I'm sure he'll post a well-reasoned clarification.

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