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On an unrelated Mitchell note, I'm pissed he went along with forty other gutless House Democrats and voted for President Bush's FISA reform law. Real strong of Harry, bending to the will of a President who has a 25% approval rating, probably lower in Arizona.

Harry will now mail campaign literature out to Republicans telling them that he voted for the bill and to Democrats claiming that he voted against the bill. This man cannot take a stand to save his life. I really wish people would stop complimenting Harry when he does something right, because, as we can plainly see, it will never be because he truly believes in something, it's only that it was politically expedient.

If the total was 214 to 214, then the Democrats win the vote, because ties go to the majority. So why did Harry Mitchell need to change his vote to defeat the Republican amendment?

Well, he's still a helluva lot better than that blowhard Heyworth. Everything's relative.

Private, actually House proceedure is tie means a measure fails and is not approved.

muckraker, I have known JD and while he was never a favorite of mine, he actually did take a stance and stick to it, which is better than Mitchell is doing.

I wonder which side of the "water softener/no water softener" debate JD Hayworth is on... I guess I can turn on KFYI and find out.

Okay, so the measure fails on a 214 to 214 vote, so why did Harry Mitchell need to change his vote?

My understanding is that the tally was really at 215-213 in favor of the Republicans when the vote was inaccurately announced as a 214-214 tie.

Greg, thank you for covering this, unlike the Arizona Republican Party -- where is the press release?!?!? Or maybe hustle a little bit and find someone in the local media who will at least ask Mitchell the question about what he was thinking with that vote.

Harry Mitchell is an ethically challenged, partisan hack. He has come close to violating every promise he made on the campaign trail, and still people are conned into believing they are being represented by their "teacher" who "works in a museum".

It's time to truly make this guy a target so we can get some representation that reflects the 5th district.

It's not this vote that is an issue. Remember, Foghorn used that issue like mad last time and what did it get him?

Thhis district has changed. But Mitchell's biggest danger is the authoritarian vote supporting Bush on the NSA wiretaps over the weekend. That will depress Dems like me from giving him money and support.

Harry Mitchell was:

a.) Trying to emulate John Kerry by voting before the bill before he voted against the bill.
b. ) Is such a partisan whore that he sold out CD5 in order to not be the one stuck with the deciding vote.

My vote is on b.). Mitchell's victory in CD5 for 2006 wasn't an indication of a demographics change. It was voter fatigue over Hayworth. Hell, the Dems could have run a paper sack, or even Foghorn Leghorn himself, and still beaten Hayworth by four points.

Mitchell will be a one-and-done Congressman. In 2009, he can collect his little pension and go "consult" some other organization into the ground.

Congrats to everyone that voted for Harry Mitchell!!

As for you typically angry libs....it is OK to agree with George Bush when it comes to our safety. At some point, Bush will be gone and you will actually have to have your own ideas and views, not simply being "against whatever Bush wants!!" That is the great thing about America, you can actually think for yourself! No more "Bush lied people died!!!" chanting.

For the record, JD Hayworth is a dirtbag and his radio show is brutal too, but Harry Mitchell is the skidmark on the underpants of society.

I wanted to post on the previous post, but there wasn't an option to. I will support Danny's Car Wash because they are doing a car wash for George Cortez. I have always supported them for their opposition to the crazy anti-immigrant policies supported by Russell Pearce and his ilk. They are right on both counts.

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If D5 wanted Nancy Pelosi, they'd should vote for Nancy Pelosi.

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