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isn't this how the name of a mountain was changed?

I always wondered how legislative intent is measured. If you take the school tax credit for example, I imaginge some wanted it to subsidize private schools, some to "challenge" public schools, some to just "starve the beast," some to get poor kids into costly private schools, and some to reward parents who sent their kids to private school which kept the state from spending about $5,000 a year on them. I am sure I am missing some "intents."

Pardon the academic question, but in you role as a former legislator now studying law, Greg, how do you think the courts are doing on this front? Are they as ignorant of the legislative process as one might suspect?

Why not administer insurance benefits differently by allowing employees to name a set number of beneficiaries regardless of their relationship. As a Tempe city employee, a male employee could get benefits for a man who is he having sex with, but not his own blood brother. There's something strange about that. This would also eliminate the strategy of using healthcare benefits to legitimize homosexuality.

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