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It is not clear if the young lady is currently still a clerk for the judge - news reports are conflicting in their information.

Back to your point - sorting out character (from characters) when hiring is always a tricky business. As someone who interviews and hires about 8-12 master-degree level interns (which is comparable to a law clerk position) a year, I can tell you that checking, double-checking and even triple checking a person's background is time consuming and limited by certain legal frameworks.

Even reference checks are limited in their ability to ferret out questionable character. Most organizations will only tell you the dates of employment.

The days of visiting a person's home and checking out their garage for neatness before employment (which was the favorite tactic of a well-known developer in this town) are long over.

We all know the evaluation which comes later - 'She/he interviewed so well - I guess we were all fooled.'


Hot pic, thanks Greg!

This post reads like a cheap shot against Judge Collins, who has rightly insisted that the Legislature comply with a federal court order which they have tried to ignore (along with most other educational needs in this state) for several years.

Greg, just because your right-wing buddies who control our Legislature can't do what is both legally and morally right in this case, why post something that is critical of the judge who has held their feet to the fire? Pointing out his role in the Flores debacle prior to referencing the sad tale involving one of his clerks is tranparent and lame.

If employers were given access to all applicants myspace or facebook accounts, you can bet there would be huge unemployment numbers.

Much like blogging, once you post; it belongs to everyone.

Not to be too pedantic, but that looks like an 5.56mm HK53 in the photo rather than a .45 MAC-10.

And no, I don't know the make/model of the leather bikini. :)

I don't know... Who doesn't need a leather-clad, machine gun weilding assassin from time to time?

Clearly, as she's still a law student, she's not a law clerk. She's interning for the judge. Interns aren't usually screened as thoroughly.

I guess Rex does not understand that Judge Collins is attempting judicial activism by demanding the legislature spend a certain amount on ELL.

As for the post, Greg always brings exciting news to the forefront.


The interns I supervise are doing professional work which means my licence is on the line - I am held accountable to AZBBHE for their actions (or inactions). Therefore, I have to screen applicants for internships as my agency with the same scrutiny that I would a prospective employee. In fact, when people call to inquire about an internship I say, 'We treat this as a professional assignment. You must apply for the internship as if you were applying for employmnet. You will undergo the same scrutiny as if you were applying for a job. Your references will be checked and re-checked. Please send a resume and we will set up an appointment.'

If the resume looks weak or incomplete, I probably won't call the person in for an internship. I have no problem having a line at the door applying for internships at our agency.

I would think that law clearkships are treated to an equally professional level - but then again - this might explain how some people get into the legal profession....


There is in fact a significant difference between a legal internship with a federal judge, and actually being their clerk. Being a clerk is a prestigious, difficult to acquire job; while interning for a judge is fairly easy to do, because all judges (and their clerks) appreciate help in cite checking.


Greg says she was a clerk not an intern.

I think that the internships at my office are akin to being a clerk. Interns at our agency provide professional services to clients which are described by laws of the state and professional codes of ethics.

I stand by my point.

We are missing more than a little background on this story.

Sorry, Greg, but conflating this bikini-clad fiasco with the ELL case is a cheap shot.

Doesn't Collins know that the best interns wear American flag bikinis with their HK51s?


Remember Greg's previous post for girls demonstrating the power of makeup - and Photoshop?

Check out this woman's booking photo, compliments of AZCentral.com:


Based on Sam's link, it looks like the Citizen needs to hire some competent help as well: "...although he declined to innumerate the reason."

Everyone's a copy editor....

Agree with Rex and Sam about Greg associating this story with the ELL debate. If the MSM did this to a conservative, Greg would be on here angrily decrying the tactic -- and his dittoheads would be jumping up and down about it in harmony.

Yikes, neither picture looks like a beauty queen to me... opps did I say that out loud?

Unfortunately I don't have any pithy or caustic comments to add. Just in shock of this whole story as a whole. I suspect after the Iowa caucus tomorrow night I will be back to my regular hubris.

(edited from an email I sent to Greg)

By the way, on EP, the court clerk chick with the bikini and the "mac 10" is actually holding an airsoft (plastic BB's) version of a cutdown HK G53 with telescoping stock. Here's what a real one looks like: http://hkpro.com/hk53.htm
The fakes have telltale gaps in front/to the rear of the forward
handguard (in front of the magazine). So not only do her boobs appear fake, so is the firearm. I think the latter upsets me more than the former! :-) This particular firearm would need an NFA tax stamp (full auto, short barrel, short overall length, manufactured oversees, so not imported (legally) since Ronaldus Magnus unintentionally screwed us in '86 with an import ban the Democrats snuck into the bill at the last moment (some sources say AFTER the bill was passed)), so you don't see many over here (the US). This one would be an easy $10k in the US. She certainly wouldn't have one. Not with fake boobies! :-)

On the plus side, she DID keep her finger completely out of the trigger guard for the photo, so she's got that going for her (and that's about it)!

- Scott

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