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So where does this leave us down there? I know Burns wasn't always the most reliable vote but Republicans are out-numbered by quite a bit in that district so she got a pass from me.

David Stevens is the GOP candidate. Being the only GOPer on the ballot probably helps him. LD25 is also one of the only districts where the GOP has made voter registration gains which, given the current climate, is pretty remarkable. Better still, David is a solid platform Republican, so TJ can vote for him without having to rationalize his vote!

No doubt that the GOP has made some solid gains down there John and that's very comendable.The good thing is I never had to rationalize my vote since I don't live in the district.

I misunderstood the implications of her getting "a pass" from you. I'm not sure what it means if you weren't actually in a position to hold her responsible for her voting record. I'm not either, but I never thought of myself as giving her a pass.

No biggie, I just got confused.

This could be trouble. Having a trouble-making Republican in the House from a Democratic-leaning district is better than no Republican. That seat could make the difference of which party holds the committee chairmanships and the Speaker's chair.

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