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I'll take the R's "crazy aunt", Karen Johnson, over the D's complete mental case, Kyrsten Sinema, any day.

Of course, if we were to put them in a padded room together Karen would be the last one standing because, well, she has the gun...

...and I'd take Karen Johnson over Russell Pearce any day of the week.

Karen's world may spin on s different axis, but she's actually a nice lady.

Pearce, on the other hand....

Karen Johnson's opinion on why the towers fell is not shared by many of her friends like you or me. But Arizona families have no better friend for conservative legislation, family values and the right to life. She and I worked together for conservative candidates in the early 90's and I found her candor and good nature to be very refreshing and inspirational. We need more Karen Johnson's to come forward and serve the state. "If it wasn't for the many Mormon faith conservative legislators, there would not be a conservative wing of the Republican party in Arizona." That is a quote from my good friend, former legislator Gary Giordano, made many years ago and it is still true today. Gary and I were tagged as "fundamentalist Christians" by the press,and we are, but we are proud of our Mormon brothers and sisters in the Republican party.

PS. I can almost see the border from my house. I am still going to write in Scooby-Doo for US President. None of the Prez candidates want to control our mostly open borders, very unsecure borders. They pledged to defend us from enemies within and without. Bad Senator - No Vote. And, if the result of conservatives sitting this one out as a protest of McCain's intransigence on Border Secuity gives us eight years of hell, then it is done by his hands not ours.

First time commenting, but I feel the need to stress that Senator Johnson's beliefs and statements make many LDS members cringe.

Good Lord, how old were you in that picture? 15?

I thought that was a picture of your daughter in a necktie!

Seriously, Karen Johnson is like Ben Franklin. Standing in the rain, with a kite and a brass key, discovering electricity with no thought as to her own safety. Well, 'cept for the handgun.

Sorry to see her plans to depart the Legislature. Is she pulling a Shadegg? From the looks of these posts, she is.

Say what you want, but that lady has the strength of her convictions. Thats more than I can say for many of our elected officials. I have alot of respect for her - no matter how kooky I may think SOME of her views are. Heck - who doesn't have at least one view that someone thinks is kooky?

Oh Greg - in regard to the retro picture: Are you wearing eyeliner?? (grin)

Let's see....there is crazy Aunt Karen and crazy Uncle Jeremiah. Are you trying to tell us something?

Dear Travis,

Karen Johnson and I actually get along very well. If we were put into a room together, we'd both come out just fine - and would have spent our time together talking about a myriad of topics that we both agree and disagree on.

What I wish people would understand is that there's really no need to be rude or call people names. Karen and I are great friends, despite our political differences.

It might serve you well to pay more attention to what people like Karen, myself, and others actually DO at the Legislature. We work together quite well. Those who choose to stand on the outside, pointing fingers and calling names, do a disservice to our state and to the political process.

Kyrsten Sinema

I will vote for principled people over the wishy washy stuff we see most days in state and city leadership. Remember this name from the distant past: Frances Emma Barwood? Frances had some ideas which many people thought strange. However, the local press had to acknowledge on several ocassions that while they didn't agree with her on many points, they did grudgingly observe that she was a person of principle. Unfortunately, I don't think the present day Arizona Republic would recognize a person of principle if he or she stood in front of them.

Just to note, one of Frances's ideas was to run city buses and vehicles on hydrogen. Given today's gas prices we may wish we had taken her up on the idea. Some people are just 10 years ahead of their time.


I pay very close attention to the work at the legislature. I pay attention to things that are said and done. Like how I paid attention to when you called mothers who stay at home and take care of children "leaches". I also paid attention to when you used a smarmy tactic to kill a reasonable bill recently. I paid attention when you were quoted using foul-mouthed language to discribe all kinds of issues where you do not agree.

Finally, I don't doubt that you and Representative Johnson get along. It is because Karen Johnson is a well-behaved, considerate person who may disagree with folks, but is polite and well-spoken.

People who pay attention know both sides of this...

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