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Have you ever visited the AZ Republic website? Have you ever tried to find a story there? Then you'll understand the declininng page view numbers.

I wanted to stop receiving the barrage of
advertising E-mail. the website unsubscribe
did not work.

I had to call and state I was fed up with
the Republic ads.

When I left Arizona a month ago to become a former Arizonan (apparently I did NOT become a Texan), I canceled my subscription to the Republic. Naturally. Since then, I've had three phone calls from three different people, begging me to re-start my subscription. I've said to each one, "Okay, on one condition--you arrange for me to give Steve Benson the ass-beating of a lifetime." After being told that's not possible, I say, "Actually, I've moved to Texas, so I really don't need the paper any more." Each time they've been very understanding...and then I get another phone call a week later.

The Republic is like a crazy ex-girlfriend that just can't let go.

I'm shocked that a newspaper that is offering a free cartoon umbrella to ARIZONA subscribers is having trouble increasing circulation.

I don't know about page views, but on-line revenue growth is slowing across the industry, but this media site says it's primarily the drop in classified:



Gannett's online revenues grew 6.5% in the first quarter of 2008, down from 16% during the same period last year (Gannett didn't release dollar figures).

The slowdown in online revenue growth is due almost entirely to weakness in online classifieds, which drag down online overall. Newspapers' online classifieds are particularly vulnerable because most newspaper publishers still get the bulk of their online classified revenues from "up-sells" on the print side, offering online ad placement to people placing print classifieds.

With print classifieds in free fall--down 16.5% for the industry overall in 2007--there are simply fewer opportunities for "up-sells" to online. This is compounded by the downturn in the real estate market and declines in recruitment due to economic insecurity.

That comment on declining page views came from a reader, and more comments on that post put some context on it. Nothing empirical on it. I know most everyone on here is anxious for any bad news possible on the Republic and azcentral, but the jury's decidedly out on that one.

Digital revaluation in print media is worked well. Online readership is increased dramatically from the past three years. All the publishers are presenting their publications through online and some publishers are using the companies like http://www.pressmart.net in distribution of publication over the new technology mediums. Digitization becomes the revenue generation tool for all print publishers.

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