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They did do her one favor, that sketch is much more flattering than any photo.

That's cruel Ann -- but very true.

Frankly, even as a Democrat, I am compelled to agree with this post in large part. It has been my belief for some time that the Governor has not used her ample political capital to truly take on the GOP leadership in the Legislature and challenge their priorities. Instead, she has compromised with them, especially on tax cuts, to the detriment of the state's long-term fiscal health.

However, let's also be fair, Greg, and point a finger at Senate President Tim Bee, who is seeking to go to Congress. He willingly signed on to this gimmicky budget that puts off making tough decisions. I imagine he didn't want a budget that would provide any kind of ammo that could be used against him between now and November. He deserves just as much blame as Napolitano for a lack of political will. I hope you are fair enough to admit that fact.

The veto queen doesn't really have any political capital to spend. Throughout her term she has often resorted to strong arming, backroom deals and breaking promises to get what she wants.

Her aspirations of going to DC will come to a stop once she is vetted and those in her own party find the skeletons in her closet. One can only hope those skeletons come out so that those involved can be given the boot as well.

Hey (sic) logical1:

Can you cram a few pieces of innuendo into your two-paragraph post?

C'mon. You're just not trying.

And this is what the sychophant Democrats call Arizona's "best governor." She's a terrible governor, she was a bad U.S. Attorney and she was a lousy Attorney General. Her idea of leadership is higher taxes and more government programs, otherwise referred to as socialism--or worse, facism. And she won't be here to be held responsible for her actions. Elections have consequences, so Arizona gets what it deserves.


I actually had more but I hate typing on the notebook so I stopped.... She is an easy target.

Just to be clear, any comments I make about the queen of veto are 100% related to my opinions about the effectiveness of her job. I am not making any reference to her personal life or rumors of her personal life. I couldn't care less about that.

Gray Davis was recalled for lesser offenses than Nappy

Ron B,

We realize this forum is not meant to be neutral, but using sychophant Democrat, socialism and fascism all in the same papagraph to describe the Governor is a sure-fire way to close ANY respectable dialogue on the issue. You've been to too many GOP gatherings.
As for the property tax veto, cutting tax sources is not the way to reduce the state deficit in times of declining revenue. We've done that so many times since the Symington administration that we're in real trouble. How about a 2/3 majority requirement to cut taxes, too? Our kids deserve better.

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