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John was a wonderful person. It's heartbreaking to see someone so young leave us so quickly. Southern Arizona will not be the same without him. He was the best friend you could ever ask for.

John loved Arizona, especially his adopted city of Tucson. He did more for that community than many will ever know. John was a loyal friend. Friendship was always more important than political expediency. John was an honorable man in a business where such men are sometimes hard to find. I miss John terribly.

The Tucson Chamber posted my tribute to John at http://www.tucsonchamber.org/2008/06/25/guest-column/.

There have been in history, maybe five people who could quote from Hunter S. Thompson, Social Distortion lyrics, and the Federalist Papers with equal ease, accuracy, and wit. With John's early passing those who never knew him have lost out, and those of us who knew him well lament the thought of a future without him. I will truly miss debating, learning, and sharing a beer with him.
We spent 16 years talking about writing a book describing the daily fiasco that was Jay Rhodes 1992 battle against Bill Mundell and Stan Barnes (who had Greg's help). John's favorite anecdote regarding our efforts on Mr. Rhodes' behalf involved a Casa Grande fundraiser, a shoebox full of checks, a seamy bar, and a bizarre late night drive through the desert.
He told me that story 20 times...Would that I could hear it again.

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