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He has taken triangulation, added a huge dose of societal guilt (real and imagined), and managed to make race, religion, and our attitudes about them a subject only to be addressed by him and him alone. He can condemn the GOP by predicting a surety of race bating (that has not occurred)while he uses race as a strong part of his narrative.

He can embrace, attend, and contribute thousands of dollars to a church and pastor openly hostile to "whites" and America. His wife can degrade this country. Yet we are not to notice, unless of course, it is to shout Amen!

Yes, it's actually a sad state of affairs in this country that "Muslim" has become a slur, used by bigoted morons afraid of the world outside of the confines of the USA, just like "Mormon" was used to smear Mitt Romney.

Is it wrong for a man and a woman of different racial ancestry to have children? No.
Is is a smear when you call Republican voters on the telephone before a primary election and ask them, "Would you vote for John McCain if you knew he fathered a child with a black woman?"
Uh, yes.
Is it wrong to be black? No.
Is it a smear when you take the image of a disheveled frightening appearing black criminal, change his name from William to Willie, and create an ad that suggests your political opponent let him out of jail and allowed him to rape a white woman?
Uh, yes.
Whatever point Greg imagines he is making here would not show up on a very strong microscope. It is not wrong to be Black, Muslim, Jewish, Japanese, White, Native American. Can you slander and slur and smear people for being any of these things? You most certainly can and people very obviously do. So what's the point again?
Ann, you must be the only person in the country and one of the ten or twelve people on the entire planet who did NOT receive at least five copies of the "Obama is secretly a Muslim who went to a madrassa and is associated with terrorists and turns his back on the flag during the national anthem and the pledge of allegiance" email. I got 17. If you'd like I'll forward all of them to you. You must be way way way out of the loop to claim there has been no racial baiting in this campaign.
I'm honest enough to acknowledge a couple of things about this. Bill Clinton pushed the race button, and it damaged his wife's campaign badly. He was absolutely wrong and he used to know better. I will not vote for Senator McCain because I disagree with his positions on many issues. I deeply respect and admire the man just the same. He has never shown the slightest tolerance for smear campaigns, race baiting, or gay-bashing. He was the one and only prominent Republican who denounced the Swift Smear Veterans for the Completely Revised Truth. He will run his campaign on issues, not on smears. Amen.
Senator Obama's former church was not and is not hostile to whites. It has many white members and provides all kinds of services like meals on wheels to people of all colors. It is neither racist nor hostile to whites to point out that the racial history of this country, from Sand Creek to Wounded Knee, from slavery to internment camps to Willie Horton and Rodney King, is often shameful and disgraceful. Preaching against these egregious sins is consistent with the Judeo-Christian tradition. Did the prophets of the Old Testament not also fling angry invective toward the nation of Israel when it turned away from God? They did indeed, repeatedly and vehemently. Read a Bible sometime, Ann. It's educational. You've misinterpreted the message completely. Turn toward God, not away from Him.
Does it degrade our country when a black woman says this is the first time she's been proud of her country? I think not. Try this sometime: Sit down face to face with a black person, look them in the eyes, and ask them if they are proud of their country. I've done this a dozen times in the last couple months. I'm actually a bit surprised to report that the word "yes" is generally the first word to come out of their mouths. But their answers all boil down to this: Yes and no. Yes, sometimes, no sometimes. Not very often. There's lots to be proud of and lots that no one of any skin color could ever possibly feel proud of. How can I be proud of a country that brought my people here as slaves? Sometimes you can, but there's always that history hanging over it. It does not and cannot go away.
Ann, if you cannot accept these responses as legitimate, honest and intelligent, your sense of empathy with others is badly lacking.
It's utterly ridiculous to propose that the issue of race be left out of this campaign entirely. Irish Americans and Catholics were intensely proud when John F. Kennedy was nominated and elected president. Italian Americans were proud when Fiorello LaGuardia was elected mayor of New York City. Jewish people were proud when Joe Lieberman was nominated for vice president. Women were proud of Geraldine Ferraro and remain proud of Hilary Clinton. You would deny Black Americans the right to pride in one of their own?
Finally a question to ponder about slurs and smears:
When he was diagnosed with terminal cancer, Lee Atwater cleared his conscience and apologized for the disgraceful William Horton smear campaign.
George H.W. Bush has always tried his best, it seems to me, to present himself as an honest and decent Christian man. As he approaches the end of his life, do you think he too will clear his conscience? Or will he choose to die with the stain of a shameful racial slur campaign on his life? I hope he'll choose to apologize. It's never too late to atone for your sins. Amen

The WSJ is being disingenuous. For myself, there is nothing wrong with being a Muslim [or, for that matter, being a Jew, Mormon, Christian, etc.]; however, unfortunately, there is a part of the U.S. population who believes MUSLIM = TERRORIST.

MANY of the swiftboaters served with
John Kerry.
If there is smoke there may be fire.

al gore was the first person to make
am issue of William.


The drumbeat of your angst is surely a staccato! Something your namesake would understand, but I fear this message was lost to you. With that said, I do believe your perception is yours to hold and hold dearly.

Never the less, you overstate your anger, your justification for it, and completely miss the point in so doing. The choice to see and understand cannot be made for another. I'm sure you cling to your bitterness.

How is this claim made by Obama any different than those you point out? If you choose to hold onto the sins of others and cast them onto those that bare a likeness or affinity and assume guilt, isn’t that classic stereotyping and the roots of racism?

I have received the email that you reference, along with the distorted quotes from his books. This is the honest truth; they come to me as much from Dems as they do Republicans. My response is to send it back with the snopes.com analysis of the validity and my opinion that whether he is a Muslim or an Atheist or a green Martian has nothing to do with my vote. That he is the most radical, socialist driven, inexperienced, and unqualified candidate in recent memory does.


"Senator Obama's former church was not and is not hostile to whites." So all of those videos are doctored?? Because it really seems like they might be a little hostile.
"How can I be proud of a country that brought my people here as slaves?" The full analysis shows that blacks were sent by blacks to America where whites did buy them as slaves. This was reprehensible. In fact it was so reprehensible that, in tracing my family tree, I see that many of my relatives died during a war about 150 years ago so that they could set them free.
Don't really hear much about that part of it, do you.


Many whites actually attend Trinity UCC (Obama's former church). They also benefit from many of the programs of the church.

I think there were certain whites for whom Pastor Wright had hostile feelings.

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