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Don't it make your red state blue? (apologies to Crystal Gale)...

I was surprised to learn that Michelle Reagan went along with President Bee - and then I learned she is getting a pass this November. I guess when you have no competition....

Of course, she is also the legislator who gave us the infamous grill bill which was a lot of smoke and totally a waste of everyone's time and money. Talk about a piece of legislation for special interests!


Pathetic performance!

You will fit in well in the House with it's 12% approval if you win the seat.

So much for the photo-radar and lottery sales. The completely hands-off and unregulated ability of ADEQ to levy fines without limit or oversight is damn scary. If people want to buy lottery tickets or drive too fast, that is a choice and they should have some control over their behavior. But, until you have a government entity able to fine private citizens without any regulatory limits is not.

Landscaping your yard, putting in a pool, have a pool, live in rural areas, be prepared to see revenue generating fines grow and grow. Their word against yours, better have your checkbook with you when you go plead your case.

They already offer a discount if you pay the fine without contesting your innocence. I can only imagine the games once they get their newfound leverage in full force.

People should be screaming bloody murder at this unlimited ability to fine without recourse. Janet’s friend Steve Owens will use this to the full extent of his imagination.

The University System to be built on the
quicksand of the lottery?

Spend now.Worry later if the money is a
no show.

How about focusing on where a large part of the accountability should belong - the GOP leadership. I am really confused at what their strategy was in waiting so long to focus on the budget. Were other issues more important? Was there a strategy to wait until the end of the session to try to force a budget through? Did they get cold feet about shutting down government?

Todd, this is the second year of this kind of behavior from the GOP leadership down at the copper dome - maybe November 4 will bring some new faces.

No drill Nancy welcomes Bee with open arms,
she loves a pushover.

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