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I'm not sure what you're asking here...

"This ad from a Democrat is looks like an ad from a Republican... What would happen if a Republican ran an ad like the one the Democrat ran that was like a Republican ad?"


(you can't see it right now, but smoke is trailing from my ears and sparks shooting from my head)

Did they release the ad together? How's THAT legal?

So your point is, Greg, that they're acting like Republicans? Good for you.

Greg's point is that Democrats whine when they perceive a Willie Horton or a Swiftboating, but have no qualms about employing the same tactics.

After all, why should we be surprised? This is the same party that invented the political body slam in 1964 with the Goldwater mushroom cloud stunt.

"Then on the reverse Campbell and Meza emphasize that Mr. Valdez may be 'John' on the ballot, but he usually goes by 'Juan.'"

"No, Campbell and Meza are sending the message that Valdez is too Mexican."

Depending on the demography of the district, it could be that he's not Mexican enough, i.e. ashamed of being Latino. Either way, it's stupid.

Anyone know what Juan Valdez's record is for?

Lead with your strong side. Don't toss 4 aces away hoping for a flush. Why on earth would you emphasize the Juan/John issue when YOU HAVE HIS MUGSHOT, GREAT QUOTES FROM THE POLICE/COURT REPORT, AND THE FACT THAT HE'S DRUNK AND FIRING SHOTS IN THE AIR?

Usually people (Obama) play the race card when they have nothing left. These guys did it first.

This guy is awesome. From his candidate survey at azcentral.com

Are you using public financing - "Yea"

What character flaw most harms a public official? - "Being an imposture"

Spelling is a little rough, but very insightful considering the circumstances.

What character trait best serves a public official? - "honesty"

The "Juan/John" thing is important. On the one hand, Valdez thinks that John plays better in this time of hysterical anti-immigration politics. On the other hand, Campbell and Meza believe that either they want to blow up his game, or they want to expose the fact that Valdez is being "too cute" for the purposes of political polishing. This is a white lie by Valdez, but it is still a lie and it is fair game to talk about. At least they are not saying he is a "known thespian".

This was in the AZ Republic a couple of weeks ago.

There are no Republicans running in District 14. This is a 'safe' Democratic seat.

Meza and Campbell are the incumbents. What is the fear here?

And just to state the obvious, Robert Meza is Hispanic so a Hispanic-bashing motive is a little hard to swallow....

Has anyone watched the Clean Elections debate between these three?? If not, two reasons to do so:

#1 reason - I believe what Campbell is saying is true as Valdez repeatedly tries to claim his name is John, even repeating it over and over again at one point. It's obvious Valdez is trying to claim he's someone else...so I think Meza and Campbell are totally in the right on this one...

#2 reason - uhhh, well, watch the debate for just the first couple rounds of questions and you'll see what I mean. It's gotta be a first for any debate for the state legislature!!


Juan Valdez, Colombia's longtime coffee icon and an American household name. AHHHH, I like his coffee. He has my vote

When I ran for office, I chose to go by "Jim" rather than "James." John, Juan, whatever...

If it were a straight Republican, he'd have been hammered bu the Democrats.

Now, if "John" was an illegal, they would be praising his commitment to becoming an American.

I wonder if a Republican outs a Democratic legislator this year, they'll cry "foul?" I mean, the guy has a "beard," so that's deceitful. Right?!

Jim, huh? I don't think you can reasonably equate Juan/John with James/Jim. I can see Jon, Jonathan, Johnny etc. But the use of an Anglican surname rather than a Hispanic surname, in these times, is a significant difference that bears explaining.

Juan is Spanish for John. As for the Spanish version of Jim.... Hymie.

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