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What will Marty do with his TIME if this doesn't make the ballot? Put his huge money (our APS bills put to good use) and influence (or fear mongering) to stick it to us in every other way he possibly can, all the while wrapping it in a shiny package and lovely card wishing us well. I can hear the sarcasm in his voice now as he brags about how he pulled off another one! Let them eat cake…..

We should all see the priorities of this egotistical troll; raise OUR taxes thru the TIME initiative while lowering the taxes of APS but doing nothing for ours thru the school consolidation effort. (Don’t fall for the old line that it will improve dollars in the classroom; since when did big government mean more efficient?) Oh yea, we can't forget his support for the trust land theft, they call it conservation, with the right-of way options being the boot we will never see in public.

Sister, there is less and less reason to be voting "yes" on any of the Props in this Novembers ballot - this will be fastest ballot filling time I have had in years....

Right! Make things simple: NO on everything! Even the things you might like -- i.e. Defense of Marriage -- are unnecessary (superfluous law). NO on EVERYTHING!

No on everything. Good call. Except....

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