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Its pretty obvious from the get-go . Sponsored the The Westboro Baptist Church ? The opening paragraph - "The opposition would like you to think gay marriage is about love, but we know better. Prop 102 is a constitutional amendment that protects marriage as a heterosexual instituion and, more importantly, protects heterosexuals from gay temptation." This is clearly parody.

Now, what exactly is illegal in this case? Let's say it is an individual, he/she has to disclose who he/she is to express an opinion on a political matter. I don't think so.

This is the group that sends the protestors to funerals of fallen soldiers to hold signs saying, "God Loves Dead Soldiers" and "God Hates the USA". Another favorite for this group is "God Hates Fags".

They are not an Arizona based church, that is why their tag line to vote no says Arizona Prop 102.


Kim, you do understand that they are not in fact sponsored by that Church and this is in fact parody.

This is not a "parody" as you call it, it is an identity correction.

even better.

Yes, I get it. And it is despicable.

Saw my first "No on 102" sign today. Interesting. Said "keep politicians out of marriage." Which, in my opinion, means the following "keep politicians out of marriage (and let unelected judges decide)."

This is no worse than what the pro-Prop 102 people have been doing all along: saying that gay marriage somehow has anything to do with YOUR marriage. It doesn't. It doesn't diminish it whatsoever. Your sacred promise to your spouse is your promise, just that. Just the two of you. If you are opposed to gay marriage for some other reason, fine. But making it about diminishing the "sanctity" of marriage or heterosexual marriage is really distortion.


I don't think I've ever heard an advocate of traditional marriage advocate that. To the contrary, that's the canard that's tossed to get people to zip it.

The better question is, what will changing the definition of marriage do to society?

For instance, this past Fathers' Day, Barack Obama gave a speech about the importance of fathers to the black family. The VERY NEXT DAY, the state of California began to offer marriage licenses to same sex couples, which would submit children to a life without a mother or a father.

So there's a bit more to it than your argument.

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