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Isn't the "hot race" in 30 the House race?

Your entire argument here is a straw man. Neither of the articles you mentioned -- the Republic or last week's piece in the Star -- mention the district 30 senate race as a possible "hot Race." The Star article centered on the District 30 House race, mentioned the D-26 race for the House, too.

Why, then, did you pick this particular Senate race as your example of why the democrat plan for the elections this year is not going to work?

Gotta love clean elections. 60k in taxpayer money is being used to prop up this halfwit who's going to lose...badly.

Delenda est Clean Elections.

I took my daughter to this debate and it was her first one. It was a good lesson in appropriate behavior since every time Valle opened her mouth, my daughter wanted to laugh and soon learned to control it. I agree with Steve. Clean elections has done nothing but allow nut jobs access to public funds.

So, to Mr. T and Chandler Catholic, the Democratic Party isn't supporting candidates like Valle? That's odd, because the District 30 Democrats have been aggressive in trying to help her. Greg's right that on paper this should fit exactly with what the Democrats are saying are winnable races: conservative vs. "moderate" in a district that Democrats seem to think they can pick up seats in. They have indicated that 30 was one of those districts they could be successful in. Valle is someone who did not think of this race on her own. She was recruited by the county party. Now that she's proving to be embarrassing to your party, you probably don't want to admit it. The Democrats should be ashamed of the fact that they are backing someone who--even by the standards of the liberal Tucson Citizen--is completely clueless as to how government functions. Meanwhile, Steve is right that she is sucking up our tax dollars through Clean Elections for this quixotic run.

One has to suspect that Clean Elections dollars are being diverted from inadequate candidates such as Valle in creative ways, for the purpose of Democratic get-out-the-vote efforts and other party-building functions. It pays to have even an empty suit run, as the Democrats have discovered.

Was she drunk?

Clean Elections. There's a system that needs to GO AWAY. The Solar Team??? Please. Everyone running is for solar. At least the R's put their pictures up and don't make you think they're Irish... Clean Elections Voter Guides should demand photos for the candidates.... http://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/2008-09-18/news/sandra-kennedy-and-sam-george-used-the-clean-elections-system-to-their-advantage-so-why-was-it-so-hard-to-get-team-solar-to-talk

You're right, PeoriaVoter, but we can't let Democrats get away with trying to pretend that these candidates are not an embarrasment to their party. More imporantly we need to make it clear that the larger meta narrative that the Democrats have an army of bright, "moderate" candidates to defeat "extreme" conservatives is a lie.

Clean Elections should be ashamed of themselves. They keep leaving out Sandra Kennedy's picture from the voting guide. Something should be done. Can you investigate it? I feel so bad for her.

I don't see a problem here. This candidate has the same view of the budget as the Governor. :)

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