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The AP is reporting that Congressman Harry Mitchell held both a “No” vote card and a “Yes” vote card while he was on the floor today waiting to vote on the bailout. Apparently he is up to his old tricks. Just like he did on the Ag bill in 2007, Mitchell waited to until the last minute to see if the bill was going to pass or not. Today, just as he did in 2007, he voted with the Republicans, only after finding out that the bills would not pass, in order to seem more moderate to voters in his bid for re-election. Follow the link and you will see that he switched his vote on the floor in 2007 that spurred and ethics investigation that cost the taxpayers $500,000. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_y08iTaGcm0


Further proof that Harry Mitchell is wrong for Arizona and wrong for America. His actions should be illegal. How is it that CD 5 elected this currupt politician? I hope that this info get's into the mainstream media. The voters have a right to know the real Harry Mitchell.

Why, if Mitchell was so attached to Pelosi, would he vote against her in the first place?

And why, if he is so dependent on her, wouldn't he have changed his vote? Leadership only needed 10 to change, don't you think they were twisting arms? Still, he remained a no.

This was a lose-lose vote. At least this man was prudent.

That's more than I can say for the Republican Party. They created this mess with the deregulation of Wall Street, and then in classic Republican fashion refuse to clean it up. 66 members in favor? Your party is a joke.

Here is the truth about what caused our crisis.


Mitchell is a fraud. I am a registered Independent and I will be voting for David Schweikert.

Playing politics with a vote. Wow! That's the absolute definition of corruption!

I don't condone his action, but "corrupt politician" -- gimme a break.

Thanks for the lagu this morning, R blogs. Given the mess your guys created in Congress, I can use it.

So, Flake, Renzi, Shadegg and Franks were courageous by voting no.

And Giffords, Mitchell, Pastor and Grijalva were craven politicians because they...voted no.


No Sonoran Sam, I would put Pastor and Grijalva in the courageous category. They were always NO votes. Both were in safe seats and should have been YES votes for Pelosi but held the line. On the other hand, as reported by AP, Mitchell didn't really know where he stood and was waiting to take direction from Democrat leadership on what to do. Who does he represent the citizens of AZ05 or Pelosi?

Oh please, like this doesn't happen on both sides of the political aisle all of the time. If this were Shaddegg or Franks or Kyl doing this, you'd be saying they were great loyal Republicans putting the party's needs above their own. What a joke of a post. This blog is getting more irrelevant every day. Between this and the posting about Paton's race being one of the "hot" ones, espressopundit is inching closer and closer to jumping the shark.

I am a registered Democrat... voting for Schweikert.

I no longer have any clue as to who Harry Mitchell is. Maybe he's Nancy Pelosi in an empty suit.

So what was it that you wanted? Harry Mitchell to represent his district, which was overwhelmingly opposed to the bailout? Or Harry Mitchell to do what Nancy Pelosi wanted him to do? Every single member of Arizona's delegation voted "no," including Rick Renzi with one foot in jail.
A lot of serious arm twisting went on before this vote. A lot of serious arm twisting goes on before lots of major votes. Ronald Reagan stayed up until three in the morning making phone calls to congressmen to drum up support for his tax cut bill. A three AM phone call from the president is some impressive arm twisting.
If Lyndon Johnson had been the president, or in his old position as president of the Senate, it would have been different. Mitchell would not have been holding the green "yes" card in his hand. LBJ would have personally taken a rusty old fishing hook, nylon fishing line, and sutured the green card directly over Mitchell's mouth. After breaking both of his arms.
Giffords and Mitchell both owe the Democratic party big time for the campaign support they got in 2006. If they'd been the last two no votes standing in the way of passing the bill, they'd both have had their arms twisted off. I think they should be applauded for standing up and representing the districts. The fact that either or both of them might have caved in and voted yes is not much of a surprise. Feigning outrage over it only reveals a lack of understanding of how our Congress works.
The truth is this: Mitchell committed an unforgivable sin. He won an election and took an office away from a Republican. Janet committed the same sin. Conservative bloggers can't possibly find enough words to punish them adequately for their sins. They're still not finished punishing Bill Clinton, the original sinner. Get over it.
The disgraceful thing revealed in this vote is just how powerless and irrelevant George W. Bush has become. The bailout bill came from the White House. The Republicans in the House voted more than two to one against it. Bush and Cheney's credibility was sacrificed for a war in Iraq. Since Hurricane Katrina, their administration has been frozen in the ice of its own incompetence. Bush can't deliver votes from his own party for much of anything, from comprehensive immigration reform to the bailout. Why doesn't he just resign?
Acting President Obama cannot tell the Republicans in the House how to vote. Barely even alive former President George W. Bush can't either.
Wouldn't we all be better off now if Nancy Pelosi had shown some courage back in January of 2007? New Speaker of the House Pelosi: "Yes, impeachment is on the table. It's not just on the table, it's the number one priority. The removal of this cancer from our nation will be the first priority of our new Congress."
111 days to go. It can't end soon enough.

Dear CiC;

LBJ was the worst President in modern times, so who cares? I liked both Reagan's and Clinton's tenures.

The point with Harry is that he is not who he portrays himself to be.

I voted for him once... and that's it.

Loyal Obambot CiC shows the true signs of Bush Derangement Syndrome. All because George W Bush dared to win an election over the heir apparent from a relatively popular outgoing president. But for history's sake, let's recap the score:

271-267 (7-2, 5-4)

Acting President Obama? That's a laugh. No more acting than Kerry, Gore, Dukakis, Mondale, et al. And 111 days? Pelosi will still be a partisan, useless excuse of a Representative.

Live with it.

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