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Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Google blogs are free ... so don't let that $8 fee hold anybody back.

In writing, it is all about the content and credibility.

Distortions, mis-truths, mis-directions and the like won't survive. The light shines, the truth comes out.

Truth is an equal opportunity light.

Look, lets get something straight.

A number of affluent influence peddlers want to increase taxes, and are putting together a concerted campaign to achieve that objective,

Chewie exposed one of the malfactors who wants to increase taxes, and has endured a barrage of ad hominem attacks.

Apparently that is not enought for the supporters of increased taxes, as they now want to silence those who are on to their schemes.

You should be ashamed!

Carl, let's clarify your "facts" a little:

According to polling, most Arizonans support a temporary tax increase to ensure that Arizona schools don't get gutted.

Chewie anonymously attacked a lobbyist who is among the 66% of Arizonans who support such a temporary tax increase with a sourceless accusation that has now been refuted. Many bloggers from both sides of the ideological spectrum called Chewie on the carpet for his false accusation.

I should add - I don't think anyone wants to silence the critics of the tax increase - they just want Chewie to check his sources before he posts. Is that so hard?

What is really funny is that these folks think we are going to take at face value whatever fact they trot out as if it were the truth because they said it.

They want to believe it themselves, right or wrong. They belong to the cult and it is difficult to get out once they are in. Of course most of them have actually been held accountable for any of their utterances.

I will grant Chewie is half wrong, and deal with the other half. The title was something about a tax increase, and how a firm named Highground and its principle might benefit from it. I think because it would take an eight-figure campaign to do it, and the firm would earn a fee. That's the business that firm, and others, are in.

The accusation of impropriety and self-dealing and influence peddling among lobbyists and elected officials took center stage, sadly, when the real discussion should be about the tax increase itself. But then, people reading this have already made up their minds about that, haven't they?

So the sideshow abstractions about anonymity and ad hominems (I like my Latin is rough) really become just distractions from worthwhile dialogue.

I think it's well worthwhile to be talking about characters like Coughlin and firms like his and their role in our lives.

...but not at the expense of the real matter: the tax increase.

Greg, amen to everything you've said in this post and the previous post about SA. Chewie has a problem - he doesn't know when to walk away from the argument and he keeps coming back swinging at his opponent after everything's already been said, and then takes it into personal attacks.

Well, Mesa Republican George,

Lets take a look at your assertions.

First, name calling and telling a person to shut up does not constitute refutation.

Second, by loading a question on a poll, you can get the answer you want. The poll results you cited were from a loaded poll.

Third, you use the slippery term "temporary" with respect to the tax increase you want. So, just how long is "temporary"?

In conclusion, those who favor tax increases have gone absolutely ballistic that anyone would oppose their efforts.

Carl said,
"Chewie exposed one of the malfactors who wants to increase taxes, and has endured a barrage of ad hominem attacks".

LOL how damaging can an ad hominem attack be if Chewie is anonymous? Classic and hilarious.

Since when is being paid to run a campaign a call for OUTRAGE! And since when is being a political advisor a bad thing? There are a few in the GOP that use tactics I find deplorable, but their candidates/issues win and their clients are highly favored among the pachy crowd. This is just one more example of the conservative tendency to slam down anyone who does not walk the fine line of true believer! And we wonder why the GOP is losing members like rats on a sinking ship. They do not have a disagreement with our platform; it is the people who run them off!

Throwing out an anonymous blog post that has no public connection to you can be as false and misleading as the moderator’s conscience will allow. It can be as one sided and agenda driven as anything the MSM would ever dream of...and if you fall into the might makes right mentality then all is justified if in the end your brand of justice prevails. Sick and twisted. And wrong.

Ann's post makes sense. Of course, Ann herself is prone to attack folks, and Ann isn't his/her real name.

Sick and twisted. And wrong.


Just an update for "Republican George"

He cited a poll from Margaret Kenski which purportedly indicated that the people of Arizona want higher taxes.

Rasmussen Reports has a poll with entirely different numbers:

Rasmussen Arizona Poll Survey of 500 Likely Voters in Arizona
Conducted March 17, 2009
By Rasmussen Reports

Do you favor or oppose a temporary tax increase to help stem the state’ budget shortfall?

22% Favor
65% Oppose
13% Not sure

How likely is it that a temporary tax hike will become permanent?

70% Very likely
19% Somewhat likely
8% Not very likely
1% Not at all likely
2% Not sure

It seems that the likely voters in Arizona agree with me on the undesirablity of a tax increase and the suspicion that such a tax increase would not be "temporary."

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