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It's worth mentioning that some of those Democrats are his colleagues from Arizona. I wonder why the local media is ignoring this.

My guess is that it's a complex story, and they don't understand it, so they're just hoping it goes away.

Jeff Flake for President in 2012!

Go Jeff Go!

And I'm not swinging from the right either.

There is ZERO room for corruption in government ... that goes for both sides/any side.

Don't underestimate the value of being physically attractive too. Bobby Jindal ain't Jeff Flake. Yet Flake can get the same amount of press as Jindal. Why is that? Never mind if a Michele Bachmann(MN) or Sarah Palin go on TV and get raked about looks over substance.

What wee need is a politcally saavy middle-aged woman who's over the hill face can only be eclipsed by her ever widening rear and yet still sway the masses.
Or not... hmm oh well it was a thought.

Coming from the left, I also agree with Tod.

While I generally oppose most of Flake's political ideology, but I don't doubt his principles or integrity. He does place the American people above his party and is a good public servant. I hope that if the corruption accusations are true that he is successful.

My guess is the media is ignoring it because those getting the earmarks are those that own shares in the media. The media would have to rat on their shareholders to report what Rep. Flake is doing.

I would give just about anything to meet with Rep. Flake because I think my lawsuits against Georgia politicians would help his cause. I'm holding off on the formal complaint until I can get a hold of Rep. Flake's complaints. I think his complaints would help me write mine.

I'm in a multimillion dollar lawsuit against a Defense contractor and Robins AFB. Earmarks are part of the problem. So are the contractor's lobbyist and the politicians in their pockets. I'm dealing with five courts.

Murtha's name, as well as Bud Cramer's name will be listed in my complaint because of their ties to the defendants and the DCMA. However, my main beef is with the Georgia politicians and their role in the earmarks, donations and lobbyists.

Two Federal agents have already met with me asking for my evidence. I gave it to them. They said they were impressed with how I managed the cases, and when they saw how many ppl were involved in my lawsuits, it would take a while to complete their investigation. They also talked about getting me compensation. That's a start, but I want accountability just like Rep. Flake wants.

Taking compensation and going away is not the answer. That's why I'm filing the formal complaint which will also be sent to the Congress ethics committee.

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