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Ahh the Cloth God (thanks x4mr) sends out a new message to his disciples in The Cloth.

Now His Holiness Florida is taking the "what you need is more gay bohemians" to the flyover states.

Some time ago a defender of Florida said that Florida's ideas "have powerful application in stiff east coast and midwestern communities choked by social intolerance and a culture of conformity."

See The Navigator's comment on http://x4mr.blogspot.com/search?q=Cloth+God+to+Visit+Tucson

That's why the economy is in the dumps: midwesterners are bigots.

Powerful applications indeed...if you are an urban consultant who can talk gullible people into giving you five or six figures to pontificate on such matters. It's like the old Jack In The Box ad with Jack asking some slacker with a dubious consulting plan if he really thinks he can get $25K for it and the slacker kid says "I only need one."

The bohemian feel of Mill long preceded the short-lived effort to narrow Mill to two lanes. It was only after the chains moved in and destroyed the atmosphere that Tempe attempted to recapture it with superficial cosmetic changes.

Mill's indie stores were driven out by deep-pocketed corporate chains who could pay steeper rents exactly because the city was trying to lure "folks who ... spent money."

Not happy to see any business close, but I'm not going to miss chains like Borders, Bamboo Club, etc., on Mill.

Taking social science advice from academics is usually a very bad idea for policy makers. Most academics have never had to meet a payroll and rarely deal with people who don't have a similar academic background.

The problem with academics in the social sciences is that there is no accountability for bad ideas. When hard scientists design a shoddy bridge, the structure collapses, the engineers are fired and the lesson from that failure makes its way into future bridge designs.

When social scientists design something that fails, blame is assessed elsewhere -- the social scientists get off scott free. In fact, policy makers often turn to the social scientists for advice in fixing the mess -- and that advice is usually more of the same.

I agree but partially Greg. Your right that Mill Ave was a bit of a disaster, but I tire of this idea that somehow mill got destroyed.

Mill WAS a smelly, ugly place with businesses that barely made money and paid little in taxes. The "corporatization" done by Mayor Guilianno ( a RINO, but a Republican )succeeded. Tax collections has been better than ever.

What you are seeing now is part of Mayor Hallman's attempt to redo things. They created Tempe Marketplace, which is doing so well , even in the recession, that Tempe is having to make pretty small cuts compared to their neighbors and if you look at where the tax money is coming from, its not Mill and ASU, its Tempe Marketplace ( at great expense to Scottsdale, Mesa Chandler)

I have no idea what Mayor Hallman's plan is for Mill, but its definitely abandoning the old ideas that you mention.

Hallman is doing a great job in plying hard nosed capitalist thought with the academics at ASU and I think in 3-5 years time, when we see their plans for the Mill area, we will see the success of that partnership.

The cure for bad planning is not more planning.

"Eventually, the folks who drove cars, took showers and spent money migrated to areas in which those traits were valued and accomodated."

You mean like Changing Hands Bookstore, located in the only stripmall in AZ where parking is a problem? No argument there.

What's killed Mill Ave. is the way Tempe tows your car if you stay in a parking space for two hours. Also, turns out people were not actually all that fond of Ruby Tuesday's and Borders.

Tucson is constantly trying to find ways to get people to go downtown.

Only problem is, the place is a dump, parking can be scarce, and generally the only reason average people go downtown for is to go to court; not the happiest thing to have to do.

Truth be told, I'd rather go to the mall, where parking is free, security guards chase the bums away, and shopping, entertainment, and food are all in one single safe and attractive area.

The only thing that can make me go to downtown Tempe is Monti's roquefort dressing and roman bread.

"Turns out that the creative people were young, homeless and smelly; they didn't actually buy anything but they played a mean game of hacky sack."

Greg, I'm ROFLMAO!!! It's funny b/c it's TRUE!!!

Let me take this moment to say that the Guiliano-era Tempe was absolutely favoring corporations over independent businesses.

Tempe got so into regulating everything that you had to have corporate funding to survive the process. They picked out your building colors and logo colors. Ironically, they became so rigid, Subway had to sue them to get permission to have green in their logo/sign.

There was an in-crowd and then everyone else.

My personal story has too much drama, but I have been offered so many things to open a business in Tempe and turned all of them down.

I even considered taking a Hispanic bar that was offered to me and turning it into a mid-size club/venue for rock 'n' roll.

They were so unreasonable, I scuttled the offer that was on the table. Today, it's going to open as a strip club because their restrictions are so overbearing that an upper court reversed them.

I hate that kind of local government.

I remember the Mill ave overhall happened when the city knew Pop John Paul II was cruising through that year. It's been revamped a couple of times but the fundamental problem with all outside malls in Az is this- It is HOT HERE most of the time and people don't want to park far, sit in the traffic, nor put up with the college glut of crazy as they stroll in the eye melting heat.

You cannot appeal to everyone. You can't have a Valley Art, lame bars, a multi-plex movie theatre and a Disney Store-- not gonna happen. So tell me Mrs, Rita what's it say in my tarot? Ahhh I miss the buffalo exchange crowd now all wasting their student loan money on lattes and crap at the GAP.

Parking has always been an issue. Now it is gridlock. It is totally aggravating trying to get through that town. Maybe they should stop trying to do 10 road construction projects at once so that detours actually work.

I just stay away from Mill Avenue... Westgate is much more interesting.

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