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Watch out for that sizzling Luhan wit. You may only look 98% correct after a partisan blast from his mighty aresenal of Nappy propaganda.

Good luck with that. I will be sure to watch. I'm sure apologizing to veterans groups for a report that was commissioned by the previous administration will be considered time well spent by the new head of the D.H.S. in the event of a terrorist attack. Tim McVeigh was a veteran. He committed an act of domestic terrorism after returning from Desert storm. Why in the world should law enforcement be barred from discussing the possibility that something like that could occur again? Our former Gov. is an asset to the country. It's a difficult thankless job and you know it.

While it may have been commissioned by the previous administration, it was RELEASED by the current administration, and defended by Janet as a valid concern.

Then she follows up by blaming Canada for 9-11 and downplaying illegal immigration.

That was all Janet, and you can't blame Bush for that.

Since Napolitano released the DHS report, she takes responsibility for it. She could have looked at it and slammed it as a piece of Bush-era garbage and really gone to town with it politically. But she didn't. People who are her apologists apparently don't realize they get nothing from that bargain. Janet is all about Janet and NO ONE else.

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