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Great job...you forgot a few... like;
how to buy access to the Gov by contributing to her Protect Arizona's Future group, and
how she kept information about the spotted owl from being entered into court in the case against the Whiting Brother's sawmills at Fredonia,(those that were turning the owls lose in the forest at night and were caught red handed and she kept it from being used in Whiting's defense). You, Roger Hedgecock and Geraldo ought to team up this one!!

Greg, Excellent post. You really hit how the press here has given her such "light" treatment & how the national press is not doing so & now Janet is exposed to the "real world" in dealing with the press. Keep up the good work.

Greg, you had me all along until you wrote this,

"School reform? Janet was so beholden to the teachers union that when she managed to get control of the budget process, the only program she actually cut was vouchers that allowed severely disabled children to attend private school."

Help me understand. Did she cut the dollar amount or the progam? In the end the AZ Supreme Court ruled the practice as unconstitutional. I don't think the AZ Supreme Court is beholden to the teachers union. The AZ Supremes shut this down because the vouchers could be used at religious schools which was seen as a violation of the First Amendment. (There is plenty of case law to support the AZ Supreme Court's decision.) I assume you don't see the AZ Supremes decision to be 'mean-spirited.' Just seeking some clarification.

Were Sue Clark-Johnson and Nappy, er, friends?

Thanks Greg. Here's hoping this gets picked up by the national media. I still refuse to hike Piestewa Peak. Nothing against the brave soldier who lost her life in a war zone, but I object to how it was jammed down our throats. Renaming the Tuba City high school gym is a more appropriate honor.


If there was a pulitzer for bogging I would nominate you for this post.

Napolitano and her cohorts in the legislature, chief among them Republican Rich Crandall cut funding for the vouchers.

The vouchers have been ruled unconstitutional, but the point here is that Napolitano claimed to be a school reformer when she was not. She was a bag-woman for the unions and the "usual suspects" of school administrators, etc., who reflexivly oppose any real reform.

The only education policy she truly championed was all-day K. Its merits are arguable, at best, and it certainly is not "reform."

I see the Piestawa Peak re-naming as the one thing I agreed with her on. Changing "Squaw" to "Piestawa" was a great idea. She could have done this with a great deal of bi-partisan support and done a lot for the native american community.

However, this is an excellent example of her inability to do anything right, her willingness to ignore the law, and her blind pursuit of self-aggrandizement.

Again, while I like the name change, she didn't do any of this well and it indeed belongs in her gaffe file.

AT LAST someone unmasks the completely questionable Napolitano/Sue Clark Johnson connection. You may recall that another former Republic publisher, Chip Weil, got endless amounts of grief for being pals with then Gov. Fife Symington. Talk about a double standard ...

Thank you, DGN, for acknowledging that the Governor didn't act without the duplicity of the R's.


True. Four R's and all the Dems.

Great article. The world is finding out what many of us have complaining about for years--that Jan-O is a disaster. We went quiet during her nomination process for Homeland Security chief, just so we could get rid of her. As far as her coaching the Mercury: she's no good at that, either. Janet has never been known to be much of a ball handler.

Correction: of course I meant "have been complaining about"

"objective news media" = send flowers to the governor. Was that the FTD "Shill for The Left" Bouquet?

The death throes of the Republican party have become so hideously painful to watch that they've attracted attention from above. God in His infinite capacity for mercy has decided to intervene. His plan is clear. Put the poor suffering creature called the Republican party out of its misery by hastening its inevitable death.

First we had Bobby Jindal, in his pathetic condescending tone, tell us about the Democrats wasting our tax money on "something called volcano monitoring." Divine intervention followed. Something called volcano monitoring detected something called a volcano that was about to do something called "erupt" in something called Alaska, home state of someone called Sarah Palin, who wanted to be something called the Vice President of the United States.

Democrats proposed spending $900 million on influenza pandemic preparedness in the economic stimulus package. Porkulus, cry the Republicans. Everyone vote no! Karl Rove writes a column in the Wall Street Journal and includes influenza preparedness in his long list of terrible wasteful stupid spending ideas. Tea parties are thrown. Wasteful spending is demonized as a horrible evil that is destroying our country. Divine intervention follows: a potential influenza pandemic breaks out.

Maybe crying "Porkulus" about influenza pandemic preparations wasn't such a hot idea. Maybe every Republican voting no on everything isn't the best response to losing an election.

Finally, we have this. Janet bashing. Thousands of words of it heaped onto the hundreds of thousands already posted here. The politics of personal hatred. A desperate attempt to transform Janet Napolitano into Janet Reno and revive the glory days of right wing hate radio. Let's moan and wail about Piestewa Peak, the Vipers, and Phoenix Mercury games. Why not bring up Monica Lewinski, Travelgate, and the Clinton's murdering Vince Foster along with it? And nominate Rush Limbaugh in 2012.

But then divine intervention strikes again. Arlen Specter switches parties. A filibuster proof majority in the United States Senate. Another nail in the coffin of a party killed by its far right wing. One of the last moderates finally driven out of a party controlled by wing nuts. The ugly revelations about Cheney and his torture program that will creep out over the next few months? The lid on the your coffin being WELDED into place, perhaps?

You can try to revive the politics of personal hatred. You can wail away on Janet. The rest of the country is moving on. Without you.

Some horrid "analysis" from the resident Obama worshipper, but then again, would you expect anything less from a cultist?

In Specter’s case, he knew he was going to lose the Republican primary to Pat Toomey. So rather than risk being thrown out, he simply decided to switch parties. Specter was down by 21 points in early polling to Toomey. First and foremost, I’m ecstatic about this news. Specter has been a Democrat in everything but name for quite some time anyway.

My feelings are mirrored exactly by Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC), whose endorsement of Toomey likely pushed Specter over the edge. Sen. DeMint said, “I would rather have 30 Republicans in the Senate who really believe in principles of limited government, free markets, free people, than to have 60 that don’t have a set of beliefs.”

Exactly. Hell, I’d rather have a single honest Republican who believes in and fights for the principles of limited government, free markets, and free people than to have 99 who don’t.

He is one of those vain, unprincipled creatures — like Robert Byrd or John McCain — who revel in their self-created image of being a “public servant,” an image that is merely an excuse for selfishness and dishonesty.

Let’s all be honest here — Specter didn’t flee the GOP because he thinks the party has “moved too far Right”. He joined the party during the Reagan years. The GOP has done nothing but move to the Left since then.

The man is a moral coward. I’m glad to be rid of him. Besides, between the Red Hen Republicans group of Specter, Snowe, and Collins, the Democrats already had their fillibuster proof majority. We’re stuck with this Democratic Congress/President until 2010. Let’s all just bend over and take it hard.

Best case scenario? He gets his ass handed to him in the Democratic primary and ends up unemployed anyway.

Stewie, liberals voted to increase spending in basically everything. The flu just happened to be the one thing that popped in time (as (perhaps) an actual necessity) for you to make your post.

Jindal making a gaffe has nothing to do with Janet Napolitano.

How about addressing the countless issues the author brought up? You can say the final nail is being put in the Republican coffin, but you have to have some substance to back the claim.

The hapless publisher lands on her feet.


Re: "hapless publisher lands on her feet," it has always been and continues to be the case, that in order to be heralded as a true liberal hero you have to be an utter failure in some important task. Sue Clark-Johnson joins that infamous list.

Wow, a do-nothing position for a do-nothing organization.

"Best case scenario? He gets his ass handed to him in the Democratic primary and ends up unemployed anyway."

Yup, he won't be liberal enough for the Dems in the primary.


Lots of turmoil on the Dem side, and Toomey now has a straight shot in without having to worry about a primary fight.

Thanks for this post. Very informative, including the thread. Im helping my friend with her research. Thanks for the inputs.

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