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dang, kick a horse while it's down why don't you. any bit of grow this reason to celebrate, i love the daily newspaper and will be sad when it goes away. i'm sure there are more newsworthy topics to investigate...

Greg -

I smiled as soon as I read the head line this morning ... in anticipation of your blog post ... especially since I saw the raw/real numbers in a blog post yesterday.

I expected a blog post from you about the raw data ... but when I saw the article this morning I knew I would see something from you today.

It is absolutely amazing how shamelessly they publish these articles.

Imagine what other things the Repulsive leaves out of its stories if it can't even honestly deal with its own circulation situation.

I am glad that the Arizona Republic is going to court to pursue the information about the Apache rapes.

I wonder if the blogosphere will have the resources or interest in pursue such cases.

Probably not as most blogs are only opinions about what mainstream media does.

Ron: So, the police, the prosecutors, the victims, the families of the victims were unable to find the rapist. Now Dennis Wagner is going to try to do it? And that's the reason we have journalists?

Sure, there's a public interest to be served in Wagner's efforts, but only if they lead to something. Like Justice. But to say only a newspaper could serve that interest is just phony.

I can't say I lay mush, or any, blame at the feet of The Republic for not writing the true story. It's not like an editor said, "let's bury the lede. no let's remove it all together."

No, you have to blame the corporate masters at Gannett. They routinely would lay down the law, force our hands, then let us take all the blame. There is no way they'd allow The Republic to report a story like that about itself.

Things are bad enough for the editorial staff in mainstream media. There's no way they would go against a company directive and give the people paying their checks any more ammo to fire them.

Ah! Typo! I meant "much". Where's an editor when you need one.

I normally am a big defender of the dying news industry, but this is inexcusable and frankly, quite embarrassing for everyone else in the news industry.

The AZ Republic has joined the herd of soon-to-die papers which have collectively lost more than seven percent of their circulation in a year-to-year metric.

I hope the AZ Republic dies quickly and painlessly and doesn't resist its inglorious death. What replaces it, however, is a far more interesting topic. Will its reporting role be replaced by blogs, such as yours? Will concerned citizens twitter their knowledge? Will it be aggragated, somewhere?

I wish I had a crystal ball.

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