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It's because of things like this that Russel Pearce will become more and more popular.

Someone, please wake me from this nightmare.

Just more of God's children coming to do the jobs (like masonry, tile, electrical, plumbing) Americans refuse to do, right John(s)? Good thing McCain hired Juan (Mexico First) Hernandez as his Hispanic outreach director for his incompetent Presidential campaign.


I read the rest of the article and I don't see where the Mexican Consulate is assembling some translators, fluent in the indigenous languages from Mexico and Central America, with a purpose to assist them in HOW to cross the border illegally. The comments later in the article indicate that the consul is dealing with situations where he is being called upon by hospitals and law enforcement agencies for help and his assembly of a list of translators is his response.

When before an immigration court or federal court, proceedings must be translated for the aliens or else the court cannot proceed. Delays of many days occur, as indicated in the article, costing taxpayers money as a translator is sought. The counsul is trying to be a resource to the court by compiling this list.

As far as assisting with translation for hospital personnel, whether we like it or not, medical professionals are stuck with the problem until we figure out a way to have meaningful border security. It's sad that it comes to this, but doctors and nurses don't have a choice when they're dealing with a hurt person. They can't launch into an immigration debate at that point. We need to fix the problem before it reaches that point and relieve them of this problem.

Maybe it's wrong to provide translation in the first place, but that is another debate. The law is what it is right now.

The sections of the article relating to this appear below.

"Poder comunicarse correctamente con una persona puede ser fundamental, particularmente en casos cuando se encuentran hospitalizados tras sufrir algún accidente automovilístico o ser rescatados en el desierto.

Este tipo de comunicación es también necesaria cuando el inmigrante se enfrenta a algún tipo de proceso legal."

Is it utterly inconceivable that anyone from Mexico who happens to speak only an indigenous language would have a legitimate reason to cross the border legally? Such as visiting family in this country? Such as having a family member in this country who's very sick or badly injured?

It's inconceivable only if you buy into the Russell Pearce fear-paranoia-hatred-racism mentality.

It's about time for the Republican party to sit down and have the Big Talk about inclusion. Are we a party for white people only?

Is John Kyl going to have the huevos to try a filibuster against the first Hispanic woman nominated to the Supreme Court? Wow, that would be impressive. It's time for the Big Talk.

Good job Carol.

You are one of the reasons that the Republican Party is going to find a way through the complicated issue of illegal immigration.

We must work the real problems and not be distracted by non-issues.

The article itself is poorly written, it's missing the verb "que" not to mention some syntax.
But that aside, Carol and James, the article clearly states:
"The Mexican Consulate in Tucson is creating a directory of people who speak an indigenous language from their country in order to assist undocumented immigrants who do not speak Spanish and who need help crossing the border."
The rest of the article obviously explains they need the help in the context of southbound repatriation, yes. Don't you think the opening friggin' sentence of the story should state that?
And no James, if they are undocumented, that means they're not coming in on a visa. Thus the lack of "documents." Comprende?


Thanks for your post. I have relatives in Guatemala who are linguists and speak K'anjobal among other languages. At least once while here in the US (legally -- they happen to be US citizens) they were called upon to interpret by phone across state lines for court proceedings for a K'anjobal speaker. Clearly such interpreters are not easy to find. Thus, there is a legitimate need.

Also, for the rest of you, "necesitan ayuda cuando intentan cruzar la frontera" = "need help when they try to cross the border." The clear implication of the article is that they are unsuccessful in the attempt (and end up detained or hospitalized). The help is thus after the fact.

Yes, the feds should keep them from crossing the border illegally, but once here, law enforcement and medical staff have a legitimate need for good communication and no doubt appreciate any assistance they can get from the Mexican and Guatemalan consulates.

Isn't that declaring war on us? Helping an invasion?

"Is John Kyl going to have the huevos to try a filibuster against the first Hispanic woman nominated to the Supreme Court?"

I hope he does.

Will John Kyl have the huevos to try to filibuster the first Hispanic woman nominated to the Supreme Court?

The answer is no.

All the bold brave talk before President Obama named his nominee was just whistling in the dark. Republicans are now backing away from the filibuster idea. The miserable reality of their current political situation has sunk in.

A filibuster just makes the Republican party look even more anti-Hispanic. Obama won two thirds of the Hispanic vote last fall. If the Republican party is to have any hope of rebuilding its strength, it cannot afford to keep losing huge percentages of minority voters. Immigrant bashing to fire up your political base comes with a price. You're paying it now.

A filibuster would also undoubtedly fail. The Republican party just does not need another stark reminder of how President Obama has rendered them utterly powerless.

What a combo. Make your party look racist and hopelessly ineffective all at the same time.

Will John Kyl have the huevos for a filibuster? I hope so.

Um, didn't you support "Juan McCain", Greg? It must be so hard for you, having to straddle the fence between the xenophobic nativists and the Chamber of Commerce Cheap Labor Lobby. How do you do it?

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