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I'll post what I posted on SA:

I volunteered to help Dean Martin run for Senate the first time he ran and knocked off Tom Horne. I’ve been friends with the Martins ever since. It’s surreal that Kerry is gone and that Dean’s son is in grave condition, especially since my wife and I got the news that the Martins were expecting when we visited with them in December. Also, Dean’s son was a bigger baby than ours.

If you’re reading, we love you, man. Your loss is devastating, I know. Love on that kid and he’ll pull through. They tend to be fighters at that age (my son was) and your love and affection will go a long way to give him strength. I hope he’s as much of a joy to you as my son is to me. God’s given you a precious gift to take the edge off your loss. Cherish the hell out of him. I’ll have to hug my wife and son a little tighter when I get home tonight. Also, remember, Dean, God doesn’t give us any more adversity than we can handle and it’s the rough times that build character. We wish you the best!!

I am stunned and deeply saddened. I will remember Dean and his family in my prayers this week.

How tragic. Dean and Austin and family - you are in my prayers for strength and comfort in these days....

one thing i remember about Kerry was that she was whip smart. Though Dean's is the name that appeared in the newspapers and on ballots, Kerry was as much of the brainpower behind the operation, with a keen sense for policy and politics.

My deepest condolences.

I met Dean years ago at a precinct meeting.
My thoughts and prayers are with him. I can't begin to understand his grief. God be with you Dean.

State Treasurer Dean Martin’s press statement was one of the most genuine and sincere events that I have ever seen. It was both a remarkable statement of faith and an amazing realization of the impact that his own personal tragedy could have on other expectant mothers. His concern for others, the vast majority of which he will never even know, was uniquely noteworthy. He allowed us to see him at what has to be the worst time in his life and I hope everyone realizes what an amazing man we have as our State Treasurer.

Judge Gerald Williams

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