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I think you mean "inaccuracies."

You may recall a testy, little exchange we had some weeks ago about the glee you seem to take in the displacement of news people from their jobs. The word I used was "joy." You seem to take great joy in seeing people lose their jobs, I wrote. You responded back that you do not take joy at all(although, with characteristic condescension, you predicted most of them would be better off eventually anyway... as if you had the slightest clue of that).
Now, with the above post and your helpful reference to your earlier "glee" post, I see just how circumstantial your concern for the welfare of out-of-work news people really is. You are, in fact, joyful, gleeful and out-and-out delighted to see them put onto the streets. I'm glad to see you've finally discovered the joy of honesty.
One last point or two.
To decry the sorts of gossip items that seem to get your goat as "bullying" reveals the thinnest of skins. You and all your put-upon friends at GOP HQ and elsewhere are what we call "public figures." If you find the coverage of public figures so brutally unkind and unfair, there is an easy alternative... go hide in private life. If, on the other hand, you continue seeking the limelight (as this blog suggests), then at least be aware that more than a few of your faithful readers like me find much of this stuff to be foot-stomping and whiny. If, I grant you, entertaining. I'm not saying you're a bad writer. Just a whiny, petulant one.
So we won't let go of the stupid sod who drove 105 miles an hour on a dangerous highway? Well, boo F-ing hoo.
I get roasted on a regular basis by the likes of the Feathered Bastard in New Times. On at least two occasions he's pointed out what a hideous mug shot I have.
I fully concede having occasionally entertained the thought of laying out the bastard in Lacey-esque fashion. But it never has occurred to me to want to see the fellow on the streets, jobless. I may be some people's idea of a pontificating fathead, but I am happy to say that I remain above the sort of petty drivel that animates wee people like you.
Doug M.

How is reporting that Pullen sees fit to keep Mecum on in spite of Mecum's well-publicized brush with the law "bullying" or in any way an invalid story? I don't see it.

That's because you're not too bright, Todd.

Please Scorekeeper, enlighten us!

Doug has some good points. Greg should re-calibrate his objectiveness in the print media category. Otherwise he has always seemed very fair to me.
And one question: why did you shut off the debate on the Democratic primary debate?

Did I just read Doug flying off the handle, and poorly at that, for no good reason? Whoo, hoo. Hey, Doug, I think Chrysler products stink, and the people who design/build/buy/drive them should be embarassed? Should they take offense?

I salute the free market, which in this instance is responsible for newspapers going under and journalists losing their jobs. I acknowledge and respect the causes and effects of the market, even if if leaves some people rich and others poor. Even if it means you lose your job. And me mine.

An interesting editorial from Jeff Smith, who just lost his job at the Tucson Ctizen:


A good quote:

"If Gannett allows this to see print it will be the most liberal editorial decision I have seen in three decades under the aegis of the people who brought us USA TODAY . . . and converted every hometown newspaper it could buy into one of its clones."

It may not have much to do with this particular blog post, but I thought it was just a damned good editorial.

Read it before it goes away.

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