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So for how many years have we been paying for office space for the Republic...maybe they should just seal up the room and it's relics like a time capsule..including the republic reporters.

I sure hope the Senate required a cleaning deposit or at least will bill the former occupants for the cleanup involved. Heck, a loogie on the wall may even require a hazmat team to come in!

These "children' expect us to lend a credible ear to their musings? Dream on. Most of us never took their reporting seriously. First the Citizen closes and now, finally, the play room for adults.

Entitled to the end, It never occurred to them to clean up their space and show some pride of ownership? Reminds me of what the White House staff under Clinton did to their space when they moved out and the Bush Administration moved in.

I'm surprised no one mentions June 2, 1976. On that day a Republic reporter left his desk at the Senate pressroom for lunch and never returned.

Oh, for the record, it wasn't my loogie, despite rumors otherwise.

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