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And weren't all but one of those years of spending increases you blame on Napolitano also approved by the majority of Republicans in the legislature? And even the one that was supported by only a few GOP was still approved by a majority of lawmakers, as required by the constitution here.

One could also mention that your revisionist history conveniently neglects to mention that, under Napolitano, taxes were cut at the same time spending increased. You know who else was governor when that happened? Symingtion and Hull, in the decade immediately preceding Nappy. I would argue that such a move has done far more damage to our financial situation than anything else.

Hopefully the 2010 election will deliver a Republican Governor and Republican majority in the House and Senate so that they can work on this.

Oh, wait...

I'm still waiting for Bob Robb to write a "balanced" column. Just because you agree with him does not make it balanced.

Whole truth, you just don't understand. Tax cuts are always good. Spending is always bad. When things go bad, it's always because of too much spending. When things are good, it's always because of the tax cuts. It's so simple, an eight-year old could understand it. Some eight-year olds might even see right through it.
But that would be approaching something more akin to the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me Uncle Ronnie.

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