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Well, if she's as good as increasing $ and votes for the Dems as she was at increasing the Republic's profits and circulation numbers, we won't have much to worry about.

And Robbie Sherwood went from the Republic to be Rep. Harry Mitchell's Chief of Staff!

And Kris Mayes to Napolitano, and Emily Bittner to the state Dems, and so on, and so on, and so on...

I hope Ms. Johnson is as successful as Emily (Bittner) DeRose was at increasing Democratic numbers in the legislature. Maybe she can bring back their crAZy web site.

and so on...don't forget Steve Wilson went to Goddard's side, and despite the layoffs of real attorneys doing real jobs, is still there.

Anyone ever go to work for an R? Not a trick question, I'm guessing not since the Pullam family sold.

Wow. Jennifer Johnson took a job as a spokesperson for the Democrats. Stop the presses, this proves the vast left wing conspiracy.

But wait, scratch that, Barrett Marson left the EV Trib, and before that the AZ Daily (Red) Star to take a job as a GOP flack.

And Kris Mayes, a registered Republican, left the Republic to work for Gov. Napolitano before running for, and winning, a seat on the Corporation Commission AS A REPUBLICAN.

You chortle gleefully when people lose their jobs and gnash your teeth when they get jobs. Here's the real news flash, a job is a job and in this Republican inspired and led Great Recession, (a recession made worse in Arizona by the state's singular reliance on real estate over real job growth) and there just aren't many jobs to go around.

I don't know Jennifer, but given the horrible severance terms the AZ Republic presented people with, a bird (or job) in the hand beats waiting for the next one while you deal with the labyrinth that is DES to claim your unemployment benefits.

Actually, the Republic editorial board is pretty well packed with conservatives: Bob Robb, Doug MacEachern, Phil Boas, Ken Western. I'd love to see them go work for some Republicans!!! Maybe now that they see Gannett will not give them health benefits when they lay them off they will get out of the tower and find new jobs.

Let's not forget Jeanine L'Ecuyer, who went from The Arizona Republic's partner and comrade is arms, KPNX Channel 12 to Janet's office.

I don't mind newspaper folks leaving print media for jobs in political parties. I mind when they are still employed with print media and act like they are employed by a political party. I think that's the real rub.

or the biggest twat of them all: tv anchor-turn-Republican congressman, JD Hayworth.

What do you have against an unemployed person getting work?

Anyway, as usual your blind dislike of media types has led you to blog about that which you do not know. She worked more in production and presentation than in writing. There are many types of "editors".

Dear "I saw what you did":

You are far too modest!

As a "twat," no one could begin to match you in the "size and scope" category.

Stay classy...


Is "Editor" serious?: "Republican inspired and led Great Recession." Barney Fwank and Chris Dodd are two of the biggest culprits in the mortgage meltdown thanks to their Dem cronies at Fannie and Freddie. That's what kickstarted the recession. And now your demi-god BO has spent our granchildren's inheritances in his attempt to socialize the U.S. Get a clue "Editor."

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