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The moon, the stars, and the planets are indeed coming into alignment. They haven't been aligned like this since Nancy Reagan's astrologist was in charge of the White House.

It won't be Ken Bennett. It won't be Mary Peters.

It's Sarah Palin.

She's on her way to AZ to launch her "This time I want to run a real state" campaign. She's decided to distinguish herself by being the first female governor of two different states. "Sort of, you know, like that guy who played baseball and football both, like, you, Bo what was his name," Sarah told the Associated Press.

Why Arizona? The climate and an open governor's office was all it took. "I'm tired of all this snow," she told Katie Couric. "I like hot and dry and those little lizard things and even those little piggy creatures that run around in the desert down there. They're like you know just so cute and so real American."

The political climate also has its advantages. "I heard all about that alternative gas business you all had going on down there awhile back," Sarah said. "You know where the guy in the legislature let his business partners write a bill and they robbed something like two or three hundred million out of the state treasury and like no one even got indicted, forget about going to jail. These Alaskan folks are all hung up about this ethics stuff. Arizona sounds like the real America and a real frontier state. Is it against the law to rob a bank there?"

She went on to diss Alaska even further: "This whole state just reeks of oil money and it's just about floating in pork fat from the federal government. Heck anybody could run this place. Arizona's got a three billion dollar budget deficit and no oil. Now that's a real state with a real problem in the real America. I want the tough job with the tough decisions."

Her plan to fix the deficit? Offshore drilling. When Katie Couric quietly mentioned that Arizona has no shoreline, Sarah was well prepared with her answer this time. "You thought I didn't know that, didn't you Katie? Of course I knew that. As commander in chief of the Arizona National Guard, I'll order an immediate nuclear strike on California. They've got weapons of mass destruction. The British government recently learned that Arnold Swartzenhogger sought significant quantities of uranium in Nevada. We'll bomb the whole state till it's under water, then start the offshore drilling immediately. Drill, baby, drill."

Senator McCain's office had no comment.

Guvnor Sarah will just love it here! Does she know we now allow guns in bars?

Anyone listen to John Munger speak? Powerful. Also, former president of the Board of Regents.

I said this back in February - she has no intention of running again - she can be as 'unpopular' as she needs to be - and she can go back and be a full-time grandma.

I do not understand how you guys can say she is not running... After holding public office for 25 years she reaches the top of AZ politics and she is just going to give it up without a fight? I think she would have to be nuts to do that. She will be 66 by the election day next year.

What would she do after that if she just left? She would have no future in politics anymore. So to me she is done for sure if she walks away. Why not stay and fight it out? She really has nothing to lose at this point.

I think this like some of Gregs recent predictions (i.e.predicting Giffords and Mitchell would lose around this time last year) are just wrong.


I don't think she ever expected to be governor - which is why folks need to think twice about who they vote for SOS - as this state seems to have made habit out of SOSs getting to the 9th floor without having to actually run for it.


You're right about this. Oh, she can SAY she'll run, but she'll have no support from the King (or Queen) Makers.

Palin?...lol. Only if she can field dress a Javalina.


Exactly she never expected to be Governor and now she is just going to give it up?!?! The job that she didnt think she would be able to attain and she did. A career politician just doesn't give that up willingly it makes no sense.

She may very well go down in a primary but I don't think there is anyway she just doesn't run.

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