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Some more writing in the Cook Report and also other polling make a point that is rather significant - the slippage in Obama's polls are among Democrats and many who feel he is not be as strong-willed in his strategies as they would like and are also concerned about his lack of leadership by seeming to turn direction over to Congress.

While Obama's numbers are slipping down, there hasn't been even the slightest bump upward in approval ratings or confidence in congressional Republicans. They're stuck in the low 20's. It's hard to imagine they're even going to make significant gains in 2010, let along pull a repeat of 1994, with approval ratings in end stage Dick Cheney territory.

Maybe it would be different if the stench of the Bush-Cheney-Hastert-Delay years wasn't still hanging in the air. Maybe it would be different if they had any leadership. Maybe if they had an agenda beyond the word "no."

Maybe if Obama nationalized the health care industry, rationed health care, you have to wait 10 hours to see a doctor you doesn't know you, and taxes on the middle class are doubled. Maybe if death panels are deployed to exterminate handicappped children and euthanize everyone over the age of 75.

Maybe 1994 also rhymes with 1934. The last time the Democrats were elected in huge majorities to clean up a Republican mess.

Maybe if Tom Delay had just gone away instead of going on Dancing with the Stars and proving that corrupt polticians can't dance either. Maybe if Dick Cheney would just go away. Maybe if Newt Gingrich hadn't been cheating on his wife while he was impeaching Clinton. Maybe if there had been weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Maybe if torture was a good thing. Maybe.

Looks like Commander in Chief needs to pick a name and stick with it. She also needs to take a powder. Preferably anthrax-laden.

Maybe if President Obama decided to skip summer vacation, he might be able to get some more things done HIS way, rather than letting Nancy screw things up even more.

By November 2010, he'll have had nearly two years to "work his magic."

If we still have record unemployment, he can kiss whatever lame agenda he has left goodbye, since he's gonna have less Dems to pass it, and the ones left are going to be very skittish.

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