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Plus, he's just an all-around good guy. Gracious to a fault, uplifting even in the most difficult situations, a personality that invites others to join with him even when they disagree with him. Smart, articulate, seasoned. An ideal congressman. Let's all get behind him and help.

I LAUGHED OUT LOUD! Great grab on the domain name!!!

A true statesman and a class act.

Funny you should mention the LDS Democrats...I happen to be one who was born and raised in CD1. My family roots go back five generations on my mother's side in Yavapai County and six generations on my father's side in Pinal County. I guess I know what district to run in when I make that step. :)

Rusty is a decent guy, but I don't think he has it in the bag.

Thanks for speaking the unspeakable......now can you go one more step and ask all those LDS Dems what the hell they were thinking when they voted for Obama? Like how do they reconcile their religious beliefs that are opposed to abortion and a president that not only openly supports it but wants us all to pay for it?
Let's hope you are right and the LDS Dems in CD1 vote based on the candidate's religion and not party.

Outstanding analysis. Right on the money.

I am wondering what Mr. Bowers' position will be on the Iraq/Afghanistan occupations and the insane War on Marijuana/Cocaine/Heroin/Meth.

P.S. I am the Eichenauer mentioned in the 2008 results above. I wonder if the 1.3% hard core pro-legalization pro-peace (and strong self-defense) voter block is worth appealing to.

I'd say that Maupin's 3.4% was the disgusted with the status quo Republicans or Democrats vote. That makes 4.7% of the voters who are willing to vote for solutions that aren't found in the current Democrat and Republican playbooks.

P.P.S. I don't live in CD-1 and never lived in CD-1. I openly told people that I didn't live in CD-1, but asked that they didn't hold it against me. I don't think many people minded much (well except for the 98.7% who didn't vote for me).

Does he have a small fortune to invest? That is the key to winning an open primary. Rick Renzi and Trent Franks were/are excellent social conservatives, but it took their own money to get past the primary opponents. (I guess in Rick's case, it might have been the "policy holders" money)

We like to give Jack Harper a hard time but sometimes he hits the nail on the head.

Some interesting comments here. I encourage folks to take a look at Beauchamp’s growing list of endorsements on his website http://www.beauchampforcongress.com and to take a look at his speech last night in Flagstaff at the National Tea Party Express. It can be viewed here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04gwwKWiHS8

If you watched Greta tonight…you’ll notice Deborah Johns holding HR 3200…that’s Bradley’s copy from last night. Deborah asked for it after Bradley spoke last night. Dana Perino also used Bradley’s camel in the tent analogy from his speech this evening on Hannity. National folks are starting to pick up on Bradley.

prm...you must be one of those people that thinks you have to be an R in order to be a good member of the LDS church. That's unfortunate.

But can he sing?

He has also played bass with the band Shades of Thyme.

He also had two children on volleyball scholarship at Yavapai College in Prescott and two other children on choir scholarship at Eastern Arizona College (both schools in the district). He might as well represent the state - he surely doesn't fit the carpetbagger stereotype.

Kids at two different two year colleges within the district are ancillary points when you consider everything else...his Arizona roots, his prior public service, etc, etc. Bowers isn't a carpetbagger, ESPECIALLY in the Rick Renzi sense. Bowers has a house in the district, but the bottom line is, you don't have to reside in the district you represent.

I have had a chance to live by Rusty Bowers for the last 6 years and I am very impressed by him, He is always there for people when called on for help, he is full of charity. He will live and die by his value system and not be swayed on his beliefs or be bought by any lobbiests, district 1 should be honored by the fact that he wants to represent them! We need more people with his experience and courage to stand up for whats right. He's a great American and is a great example to all of us.

"District 1 has a huge LDS population and many of them are Democrats. "

And those Democrats vote Republican most of the time. By the by, its Navajo, Graham and Apache counties with the "huge" LDS voter base. The big prizes in CD1 are Yavapai and Coconino.

The unity of the northern half of the district (Yavapai and Coconino) however could be disrupted if the LDS counties throw in with Pinal as a "southern block" versus the "northern block"

The real question is; Is the RNC impressed with any of the 3 candidates yet? Or are they recruiting for a ringer as they did when they imported Renzi to the district in 02?

I have only met Rusty Bowers once, but I am impressed. I didn't see anything on this blog concerning his relations with the Latino population. On the day that I heard him speak Spanish to a church group, it was enough to melt your heart. I hope that he will take advantage of this talent and his compassion toward the Mexican-American, because I believe that he could win over this large and influential AZ group with his magnetic charism, if he would speak to them in Spanish

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