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Couldn't agree with you and the Washington Examiner's assessment more except I think it will be worse for Democrats than what happened in '94. They'll be the first target and incumbents will be the 2nd target. It will be a roaring year for the populist candidate!

One huge difference between now and 1994. Then, people still believed that Republican believed in lower spending and taxes. People have lost faith. The futures marketplace is still priced at a probability of the Democrats holding the House at 74 percent and the Senate at over 85 percent.

The upcoming elections will be very contentious. I will be very interested in the desperation level of the Democrats and if it will lead to mischief at the polls.
Frankly, I am afraid that if there are many close elections, tampering of the election will be a major issue as will the use of judges to decide elections.
Republicans would do well to make sure that everything is working well and the polls are well stocked with Republican workers.
It makes me shudder.

Seems like some training would be in order, well in advance of the 2010 elections.

It is one thing to observe illegal practices and another to properly document them and follow protocol for reporting, thereby preserving the evidence.

Putting on a seminar that covered this topic would be unifying as well.

This time is different Obama is a lieing a Marxist thug and at least 100 reps. and senators will go if he shoves something down our throats!

There is a very big issue looming in 2010 that neither Mr. Patterson or Mr. Mirengoff mention: voter turnout. The big win for Republicans in 1994 came in a year with very low voter turnout.

Call them Marxists if you like, the left wing learned from it. When voter turnout is very low, they get whipped. When voter turnout is very high, they do the whipping. 2006 and 2008 had record high turnouts in many states. The Republicans took the whipping.

It is not at all realistic to expect a sudden return to very low voter turnout in 2010.

Which means that conservatives ought to start listening to what moderates have been trying to tell them the last ten years. Expand the base of your party. Find a way to appeal to young voters, African-American, Asian-Americans, Hispanics. Stop driving these people, along with moderates and independents, away from your party. This is not the same country, demographically, as it was when Ronald Reagan won his big victories. Liberals have learned to win big by driving up voter turnout. They are not going to unlearn this. This is not 1980, or 1994.

Viewed in the perspective of voter turnout, the events of this summer offer more trouble than hope for the Republican party. The uproar over health care reform has hurt Obama's numbers, but it hasn't helped Republican's numbers. But this is what we've seen: a man carrying a gun and a sign saying "water the tree of liberty" outside of an Obama town hall in New Hampshire. A sign reading "Kill Obama." Another reading "Kill Michelle and her stupid children." A guy in Phoenix with an assault rifle slung over his shoulder.

This goes beyond alienating moderates and independents. It plays right into the hands of liberal groups like Move On and SEIU. I'm sure they're already making their TV ads for next fall using these images. It's the perfect way to fire up their base, drive up their voter turnout, pump up their fundraising, and scare moderate voters with images of right wing kooks. Hell, if I were working for Move On I'd hire a few dozen more people to walk around political rallies with Kill Obama signs and guns, and have my video cameras out there ready to film them.

If you're hoping for a big Republican win in 2010, it might be best for some leadership to step up and start denouncing these tactics. You're going to have to win in what will probably be another very high turnout election. It's not helping to provide the left wing with ammunition. Quit throwing gasoline on the fire when you're the one getting burned.

I think it's still too early to make an projection, but I will say that the internet will play a huge role in the coming election.

Media is al biased one way or another, but raw data, like the cost of administration for new government programs (CARS ran 1/3 of it's budget for admin) will iunfuriate voters.

Trillions in debt will infuriate voters.

Town Halls that are "phone conferences" will infuriate voters.

The voting public will not want to be referred to as "mobs" just because they differ in opinion from the current administration.

As the public becomes informed, they will become more irritated. That being said, if by some miracle, this whole ship gets going in the right direction... people will stay the course.

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