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Not only were you double teamed, but considering you are the enemy of the owner of the sponsoring station, which is the employer of both the host and Montini....I'm surprised you even got to speak!

Montini was clearly loaded for bear and set out to make sure he didn't miss any chance he could to make you appear silly and ignorant of any relevant fact.

I think I only saw you blink once or twice.

I am truly amazed at the lack of accountability of our representatives. Not a single town hall meeting scheduled for Raul Grijalva (the poster child for Public Option Cadillac spending) and his mentor Ed Pastor. It angers me that Democrats view the ACORN organization and funding that got them elected equals a blanket mandate for spending. Don't be surprised to see Chinese requests for military tech, for NAFTA type trade zones and for special transportation corridors from Mexico through Arizona in the near future. The Obama administration now owes China more than they can possibly pay without some kind of favors.

As Ed McMahon used to say to Johnny, "You are correct, sir."

Hyperinflation is around the corner...

Lock your loans down today. No one can pay the hyperinflation of the near future.

The part I watched had you blaming this year's budget debacle on the prior yeays of Democrat rule. Sinema correctly pointed out to you Greg that it was the Republicans who owned the chamber. You got your arse handed to you...probably why the sheep are saying that Montini was fighting against you is that the facts are against you.

Moderate Republicans teamed up with the former gov to hand her those legislative victories.

They certainly didn't "own the chamber" like they do now.

Why do you think Nappy was so quick to leave the state when Obama got elected?

Couldn't agree with you more Greg. We are now beyond sustainability and the best we do at this point is prepare as individuals for our survival. At some point in time the "Reset" button will get pushed and the geopolitical grid will dramatically change.

I read that article in Forbes, too.

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