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Sometimes the tax hikers just can't control themselves.

p.s. If the tax hike has no republican support, how did it get all those republican votes?

How has the trickle down effect worked for you Senator with the equalization tax? Has APS or SRP done any rate cuts, job creation, or is it just campaign contributions which have increased?

Ironically, Schultz's advise might even be bad advice for the pro-tax side. It is in the Democrats best interest not to have a signed budget now because it makes the Republicans look bad and will help the Dems in 2010. That is why Dems who consider voting for the budget are attacked so viciously.

If Brewer signs the budget now, it a month or two the combined sales tax referral/income tax cuts can be re-introduced and it would be easier to get a Dem or two on board for some non-offensive concession. At that point, the Dem or two would not be hurting the Dem's chances in 2010 but instead would just be helping their District and getting more money for education.

Marty? No comment?

Could it be that APS actually has an incentive to keep the Arizona economy from recovering "too quickly?" When relatively lower taxes start to fuel more job creation, new businesses and consumer buyi8ng power, APS would have to either build new power plants or buy power from other states. Both options cut into APS profits. I think they actually prefer the status quo in the short term. Marty is just doing his job to keep APS's profits up with a minimum of investment. Greg, I'd love to hear your expertise on the subject.

The ACC determines APS' profit margin. So APS responds by trying to make more money through growth, especially infrastructure: light rail, school buildings, and any property built with sales-tax dollars.

APS only makes money when others waste it.

Senator & Representative ... Who is giving the Governor her fiscal advice? I always thought Jan was a Conservative, but this comes right out the "Liberal Politics for Dummies" hand book. Right now we need to :
1. Cut the Budget (Good Job BTW)
2. Lower Corporate Taxes
3. Lower targeted sales tax such as Gasoline.
4. Give additional tax incentive to Corporations that move into the State and create NEW Jobs.

Why should we vote Jan back into office again?

I just did a little research in to the Governors Advisers... Every one of them is a career politician. Not a single adviser of hers has a background in business. What the heck? Here's some examples:
1.Kevin Tyne-Chief of Staff: A Former Congressional aide to US Congresswoman Susan Molinari from New York's 13th district?
2.Michael Anable-Policy Adviser, Natural Resources: Manager at Foray Land Consulting, LLC ,which has no web site I could find and there's no information on him in the news.
3.Page Gonzales-Policy Adviser, Local Government:How the Heck can Page Gonzales advise on local Government she's worked on Jan's Staff for the last 10 years. If she had worked for a City or County in the last 10 years she may have a clue about local Government.

So to sum up my rant gentlemen & ladies we have again career politicians or activist leading this State. People who know nothing about budgeting. If the Governor really wanted to balance the Budget she should at last hire an Accountant. Look I have the Yellow pages right here I'll find her one...Governor I know your reading this or having someone read it for you have your people contact my people.

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