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What? A liberal double-standard? Shocking.

I thought the complaint was about the Bush administration making these interim appointments to bypass Senate confirmation because they were tying to get rid of Bush appointed attorneys who were investigating GOP politician wrong-doing or refused to target Democrat politicians or voters.

Greg, your one Indian Law class cannot measure up to the sheer complexity of sovereignty issues between the federal government and the tribes. Though the Fed has jurisdiction in the tribal communities, they are SOVEREIGN and most of the time have their own legal system. More often than not, the U.S. Attorney doesn't really matter. Other agencies like the BIA and its umbrella agency of the Interior Department do the real heavy lifting.

What you're also failing to realize here is that Arizona's congressional delegation (including ALL of the Republicans) are not putting up a fight on behalf of Humetewa, and are prepared to endorse the nomination of Dennis Burke. That says something.

What it says is the appointment of U.S. Attorneys is political. What a concept!

That Guy,

Humetewa resigned in July. What is there to fight for? Here is why she resigned per The AZ Republic: "Burke will replace Diane Humetewa, who resigned in July after failing to get an endorsement from Arizona's _Democratic_ members of the House."

Again, how does her resignation have anything to do with the Republican delegation from Arizona??

It's true that tribes have their own legal systems, but many crimes on Indian reservations are prosecuted in US federal court. I'm not a lawyer so I don't know where the legal lines are drawn there and those lines may in fact be fuzzy at times. But serious felony crimes such as murder and rape on Indian lands are often handled in federal court. The US Attorney position is crucial in this arena.

Race and ethnicity shouldn't matter very much. The U.S. Attorney prosecutes in U.S. District Court not around a teepee. Lord.

That Guy,

Crimes committed on tribal land that are misdemeanors are handled by tribal police. Felonies are investigated by the FBI and prosecuted by the USA.

You are correct that is it shocking that Rep. Kirkpatrick would allow Diane to be sacked considering how many native americans live in CD1.

Could it be that because Humetewa is a Hopi and not a Navajo that Kirkpatrick doesn't care? Quite possibly, of course don't expect a response from Kirkpatrick other than to run and hide.

Good ole Dennis Burke. Janet's go to guy while she was AZ AG. And what has become of Tom Prose, her other lackey? I remember September 11, 2001 very well. When some of us gathered around a couple of the TV sets at the office, Prose came around and told us (I know this will sound incredible, but it is true) 'get back to work, this stuff has nothing to do with us. Attorneys will be coming around to make sure that you're all at your desks.' Nothing to do with us??? We were supposed to be the top law enforcement agency in the State. Not one word came from the front office that day, or in the days that followed. Janet, for once, was silent. Dangerous people. We are in deep trouble.

Brian, why are you asking me the questions? Ole Greg here is the one making the mountain out of a mole hill...I just added my perspective.

any appointments by Bush must be undonebecause they are "political".

All appointments by Obozo are for the people's good. If you disagree wesend rahm emanual to track you down.


You hit the nail right on the head. Humetewa began working in the Hopi justice system, earned a J.D. at ASU and then worked her way up at the DOJ in Phoenix. Because most of the tribes lack the resources to allocate to criminal prosecution, the U.S. Attorney is the key criminal adjudicator in Indian Country (for both general and major crimes under 18 USC 1152 and 1153). Moreover, the U.S. Attorney's Indian law prowess is particularly important in the District of Arizona, which is the state with the highest percentage of Indian land in the union--including the largest portion of the largest reservation in the country, the Navajo Nation. The removal of Humetewa for the gentleman with no Indian law experience is bad for Arizona and horrible for Indian country.

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