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I can't think of single thing that Nina Trasoff has done for her constituents. Sadly, because she was a former tv news anchor, she will probably win...Come back Fred Ronstadt, come back...

Tucson is the goofiest and most schizophrenic city I've ever encountered.

Old Tucson remains in the background, that once bastion of a western conservative community so very Arizonan.

On the other hand, since the late 1980s and the rise of ASU as a beacon of progressive liberalism, Tucson's once western savor has taken a decidedly San Franciscan overtone.

Rio Nuevo is symbolic of the city's stasis in time, unable to decide exactly what its true nature is.

But today's election I suspect will move the marker away from its left of center home and back in a direction that recognizes the failure of the city's liberal idealism to produce a place where garbage can be collected at a reasonable price and inter-city traffic can flow at a reasonable pace.

My money says Republican sweep.

Kind of a "low blow" to Uhlich, wasn't it? Way to keep it in the ballpark, Greg.

Uhlich does have a very strong opponent, Ben Buehler-Garcia. He has lived in Tucson a long time and has lots of experience in economic development.

It does not hurt that he speaks fluent Spanish. Plus there is a Green Party candidate on the ballot for Ward 3.

My prediction. Ben wins as well and maybe by more that Steve.

Long odds but I do have this sense that a reason to vote against one of the D's is the exact same reason to vote against all of them. In a citywide election, that's something to consider. Depends who turns out to vote. I do think that Trasoff is the most likely to lose but the R's have been running together while the D's have not. Just an observation.

There have been plenty of things exposed over the last year that if an anti-incumbent mood is in the air then the results tonight could be very interesting.

But, again, there are some registration advantages to overcome.

There will either be one R celebrating victory or all three.

So what makes you think all those tea bag...er partiers live in the city limits? Less than 60% of the population of Pima County live within Tucson and most of them are liberal dems. Ergo-Democratic majorities on the council. Not saying the GOP's will not pick a seat or two-I just wouldn't point to a political rally as a means of predicting election results down here.

You forgot the Democrats' secret weapon - Nathan Sproul. He's running the GOP effort down there, although I can't figure out why. Does that guy ever win?

Uh, The teabaggers named themselves teabaggers via their signs and the statements they gave the media that they wanted to teabag members of congress.

Odd then, Victoria, that Ulrich apologized.

Uhlich, even.

Okay, so the folks in Tucson say Nathan wasn't "running the show" but that he was still involved. And they won one race and might even win a second. So I'll admit being in the wrong here on this occasion. Who knows, maybe this will be the start of something good for Sproul?

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