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Well, I'm glad we haven't wasted any time getting out the "too conservative to get elected" mantra. Thanks for the mailer quote to be AGAIN used against a candidate here.

Thank you for calling Gabby Giffords Tucson's Congresswoman. She has done a lousy job representing the rest of CD8 and that will come back to haunt her in 2010. All she needs to do to win though, is to show leadership and stop being a party-line voter. All the Republicans need to do to lose is run a candidate that looks and sounds just like her. A solid conservative candidate of demonstrable ability will win.

Greg you have a great blog but sometimes you miss the real story. I was in the CD8/LD30 portion of Tucson yesterday. Sen Paton was talking with some volunteers and getting signatures for his 2010 Senate campaign. Jesse Kelly had a small army deployed at multiple voting locations talking to voters about Jesse as they were leaving the polls.

BTW - Kelly is a military man as well. He is on the attack and is not waiting for the "perfect" moment, just like a good Marine.

I don't see anyone stopping Jesse Kelly now. He is wrapping up more and more support everyday from people like radio talk show host Mark Levin, Rep. Marsha Blackburn, Rep. Trent Franks, Sheriff Joe, and is in the NRCC's Young Guns program, and I have heard whispers of Congressional leadership coming out for him very soon. Not to mention the rumor mill has him on Hannity's Fox News show soon.

How does anyone else step in and ruin their standing in the party by creating another Graf/Hoffman race which gave Giffords the seat in the first place? Paton should focus on helping our state get out of its financial crisis first. The state's problems will hurt his chances in a federal election and people are ready for real people not politicans to lead.

How can you compare the Graf/Huffman (it's Huffman, not Hoffman by the way) with Paton and Kelly? Both Graf and Huffman were well known leaders in the State as Paton is; no one's even heard of Kelly. If you think Paton lacks conservative credentials scroll a few lines up to see his campaign video. Over 1,000 human smugglers are in jail thanks to his bill. Yet he's done nothing?

Of course there's nothing stopping Jesse Kelly now. He has accomplished nothing for the State of Arizona so there's nothing to stop. I respect his service to this country but it won't overcome his weaknesses: lack of education, lack of experience. He would be an embarrassing candidate for the Republican party.

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