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If she gets fired does that mean we have to take her back?

No returns!

Well, I think we can safely assume that Gabby won't ask Napolitano to do any fundraisers for her. At least not in Tucson. Maybe she'll have Napolitano do one away from home like she did with Pelosi or Biden. Sneaky little vixen.

More stupid thoughts.

DM is dead meat.

Small, hemmed in, old.

Except for the boneyard operations, it is obsolete, and the boneyard will most likely be outsourced and privatized to the Mohave or Kingman.

On the other hand, developers will eventually have a field day with all that space.

But first, Tucson's bust!

Don't count JaNo down and out yet. Repubs here kept doing that, and she kept on coming up smelling like roses after a trip through the dungheap.

Greg has to start learning from reality.

Any thoughts about global warming?

Giffords will be safe. She will bring out her Astronaut husband and all the pork she brought back to the district and she will have the seat until she resigns to run for the Senate when Kyl or McCain retires.

Will she bring out her two rent-a-daughters as well?

"More stupid thoughts. DM is dead meat."

Could be, but it won't be closed within the next ten months -- so your thoughts would appear to be irrelevant to the subject.

Global warming only comes from Al Gore's mansion.

As for climate change, well, the Chinese and Indians are going to make it unstoppable, so why worry?

DM is very important to Tucson and the voters there- Gabby is their best bet to keep it going. Anybody else without her pull (slight as it is) pretty much dooms it to BRAC.

As for firing Nappy, uh how long did Rumsfeld last running a war badly?

Nappy will end up the new J.Edgar Hoover, with all the dirt, and the ability to use it.

That agency is too powerful for freedom in America. Of course, if we wanted to be safe and not PC, we would simply not allow most of the third world to get on a plane to this country. That would be a simple solution, now wouldn't it?

Mr. Patterson,

Here is why your thinking on this issue is wrong:

"Just as Michael Brown came to symbolize George Bush as detached and aloof, Janet has come to symbolize Obama as naive and weak."

Bush was seen as ineffectual, on Katrina and in the war in Iraq because he actually was ineffectual. But Obama will not be seen as weak and ineffectual because he has already proven how effective he is in this fight. Just some examples:

1) he successfully took out Saleh Ali Saleh Nabhan, the ringleader of a Qaeda cell in Kenya and one of the most wanted Islamic militants in Africa;
2)he successfully took out Baitullah Mehsud, Pakistan's enemy No.1 and the leader of its Taliban movement;
3) he successfully launched strikes against suspected al Qaeda sites in Yemen.
4) he successfully took out suspected terrorists Najibullah Zazi, Talib Islam, and Hosam Maher Husein Smadi into custody before they could launch their planned attacks.

All in just 11 months.

Now, Janet will slink back into the background and everyone will fairly quickly forget about her. But Obama's successes will not be forgotten about.

Congressional District 8 is two very distinct regions. I agree with you that Davis Monthan voters are more likely to vote on national security issues (republican), but everybody else will more certainly vote for Giffords, rather than her opponent.

Right now the republican has an ideological chain around the neck that almost nobody wants to see in power again. First, people like a government that protects the economy (market default swaps, or mortgage backed securities anyone?). Second, people believe there is a lot more to health reform than tort reform. Third, fear mongering just won't play well this time around: healthcare for illegal aliens, federally funded abortions, taking medicare away from grandma -- these republican talking points make everybody else turn away from the republican party.

So the republicans will probably get DM votes, but they'll be very hard pressed to get any others in CD 8.

Note that "heckuva job" and "Janet" currently return 50,800 hits on Google...

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