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Not only are you spot on, it brings to light that Manross and Company subsidized the Chamber also! Talk about a conflict of interest.


Do you really think this is the "biggest scandal to hit Scottsdale in a few decades?" Really? Illegal campaign ads are a bigger scandal than Sam Campana's 911 calls for directions? Really? The fact that the council either can't hire a competent manager and attorney, or can't get along once they're hired, is less of a scandal? Really?

C'mon Greg, you'd call out the Republic in a heartbeat for a ridiculous hyperbolic statement like that. Now hold yourself to the same standard.

Bravo, Greg! Keep up the good work.

Yes, this is a bigger scandal than Campana's 911 calls.

Yes, this is a bigger scandal than the Council's inability to hire competent employees.

Yes, 'illegal' is bigger than 'incompetent' ... even in scandals.

More evidence as to why the financially-troubled Republic and almost-out-of-business Tribune are in such a mess. With folks like Ryan and Wittmer in upper management at the papers, well, their work at the Scottsdale Chamber says it all. And they ought to be held personally responsible for the Chamber's financial problems.

"That's not spin; that's lying."

You sure? The Republic story you linked to says that it was the Tucson City Attorney (called in by Scottsdale to avoid any conflict-of-interest issues) who found the violation of the law, not Pima County.

Here's what the story says about Pima County: "The Pima County Attorney's Office declined to prosecute a criminal complaint against the chamber on similar allegations of campaign finance violations, saying the laws in question were 'fatally vague' and may violate First Amendment rights to free speech when applied to non-profit entities."

I don't know if you want to call that "vindication," but it's also not the case that Pima County found the chamber in violation of the law. Ergo, the chamber isn't lying about Pima County. (It would be a lie if the chamber had said that the Tucson City Attorney didn't find a violation of the law, but that's not what happened.)

Just when we most need effective leadership for all of the small and medium sized businesses in Scottsdale, we find out that our Chamber has lost their way -- big time.

In the midst of the prior recessions, responsible members of the business community came together with city leaders and outlined a path to bring needed jobs and new businesses to Scottsdale. They did so on a platform of reducing costs and government regulation, speeding up processes and ensuring consistency. Both agreed to work together for the common good of the community. We need that to happen again right now or Scottsdale will see an unavoidable and unwelcome decline. The cost structure to do business here is ridiculous. Just look at where businesses choose to locate along Scottsdale Road (on the lower cost Phoenix side).

Let's see some real leadership and an end to the acrimony between the city and the business community! I agree, the current Chamber leadership should step down and start in a fresh direction or it will be history. City leadership also needs to extend a hand to local businesses. How many jobs have we already lost in Scottsdale? It will just get worse until we start working together.

I think it would be interesting if an entity competing against the chamber would open like in Gilbert.

The Gilbetr Chamber seems to be under the Town thumb, but The Gilbert Small Business Alliance (www.GilbertSBA.com) actually does the role you'd hope a Chamber would without the conflict of interest.

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