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Janet Napolitano = EPIC FAIL

Did you see her classic "deer in the headlights" look when interviewed over the weekend?

She is clearly in over her head, and I think your prediction is right on.

Greg, your analysis of her options isn't bad. I am pretty sure she couldn't get elected to anything in the state of AZ now. Not dog catcher, Board of Supervisors, Corporate Commission, nothing. Well, maybe attorney general...

I don't think we have to worry about an attack like the Madrid Bombings. Why would any terror group out there, want to topple this administration? If they did, they might get a competent one in it's place.

Backtracking from a widely criticized assertion over the weekend, the secretary of homeland security, Janet Napolitano, said in a televised interview on Monday that the thwarted bombing of a Detroit-bound airliner on Christmas represented a failure of the nation’s aviation security system, not a success. - New York Times

I just hope and pray she's offered a job at a DC firm owned by another of Obama's Bilderberg buddies.

She needs to evaporate.

fantastic editorial !

Stick a fork in her, Napolitano is done.

I'm amazed she got as far as she did in AZ politics, but that's purely because the local media covered for her every step of the way.

The AZ Republic could no longer protect her once she stepped onto the national stage.

She doesn't need to come back to AZ to build her case for a cushy job in some law firm where she will handle the lobbying contracts for various clients. She can do it now.

What about the possibility of a Supreme Court nomination? She could keep her far left agendas moving and be insulated for life.

Greg, She replaces Stevens or Ginsburg this summer.

Very good points, Greg. In the words of that great Chicago philosopher, Rev. J. Wright, "The chickens have come home to roost." Nappy is in over her head and the best thing for us is for her to just fade away. But, narcissists being who they are, she will try to stay in the limelight either in D.C. or in AZ. My bet is she will run against McCain or J.D. And with the Arizona Republic on her side, she has a chance. I don't think she wins, but she'll make a game of it. (Remember, 2010 will be a big Republican year.) If she's more smart than narcissistic, she'll accept a position at a D.C. law firm.

Regarding the possibility of a Supreme Court nomination, remember that she is not going to leave Homeland Security under positive, politically beneficial circumstances. No way Obama will nominate her for SCOTUS - that would be as bad as if Bush were to have nominated someone like Harriet Miers - could you imagine if he'd done that?

She would be easily confirmed to the Supreme Court (with all Dems plus a bunch of GOP votes like that Wise Latina), and would give the Supremes another pro-abortion radical to rival his own extremism on that issue. Women's and gay groups would also applaud.

Would be a terrible leftward move for the Court and country, but at least would get her out of DHS.

And then at least she won't keep beating Arizona Republicans in elections. She ever lost one?

To replay history, Ms. Napolitano with the help of Republicans, did balance budgets as governor. That is something that a Republican governor and Republican legislature has been unable to do. Nobody who has had the Homeland Security job came to the job with the prerequisite requirements. The job is unique. Ms. Napolitano has at times made inaccurate remarks. She has been quick to clarify those remarks and take responsibility. Her comments on radicals in this country have been right on. I am sure we all pray for her success.

Thank you for the write up. The arrogance is a big weakness. Politics over policy is a disaster. Her victories are meaningless, spending that has been cut, puffed up revenue projections, bullied allied Democrats, Mob loyalty with filtered communications. Enjoy the silence.

Holy cow!

Franklin - the Dems in Congress (particularly those of the Blue Dog variety) have already expended nearly all their political capital supporting Obama's health plan. God knows when another vacancy will open in the Supreme Court, but if it were to happen say, next summer, Dems who hope to avoid the Revolution of 2010 will run screaming from a radical leftward lurch. Under other circumstances, I'd say you were right, but the current anti-incumbent sentiment (coupled with polling indicating that Americans increasingly don't trust Obama's judgment) will make our representatives very leery of confirming a failed, disgraced, hard-left pol to SCOTUS.

'New' terrorist guidlines at DHS?

Borowitz Report:

In the wake of the Christmas Day airline terror attempt, the Department of Homeland Security today said it was instituting a bold new series of security measures, including issuing an official "proof of terrorism" I.D. card.

"All potential terrorists must have the terrorist I.D. card in order to be barred from boarding," said Homeland Security secretary Janet Napolitano. "If you want to get on the no-fly list you'll need a completed application and the $25 fee."

Many Democrats (myself included) will NEVER vote for Janet EVER again for ANY office because of how she SCREWED us and our state when she took the DHS job and left the loony, feuding, ideology over results GOP in charge of all branches of state government. I won't vote for McCain or Hayworth in that instance, but I WILL throw a bone to a third party. Janet should have emulated Ed Rendell who, when his name was linked to some Cabinet openings, said he had a job to finish in Pennsylvania.

The ONLY thing that might cause Janet to win an election in this state is the record for "governance" the Republicans have built since she resigned. You guys are an embarrassment and a disgrace...even at a time when you hold all the power there is to hold. The voters could be enticed to get all nostalgic for a Janet encore...even though the budget and tax deals she cut (despite sage advice from within her own caucus) are part of the reason we are in this mess...but count me as one Democrat of many who will NEVER forgive her for leaving Jan Brewer and the whack-jobs who run our Legislature in charge of Arizona.

Rex: Really? "Sage advice" from her own caucus? Yet, those great "sages" all voted for increased spending at a time when the red flags were flying and the bells were going off that we were facing a downturn in the economy. All the Democrats ("sages" included) and a few Republicans passed those Napolitano "balanced" budgets. The Republican majority in the Legislature has been trying to correct the mess. The "whack jobs" in the Legislature are the ones who refuse to vote on needed cuts. The money isn't there to sustain the Napolitano spending.

Janet, you're doing a heck of a job!

Familiar with Myers-Briggs personality analysis? Janet is an ESTJ while classic leaders are ENTJ's. If she were a mechanic, she could give you the serial number, weight and manufacturer of every part but not have a clue as to how to make an engine run. The lack of any intuitive sense also leaves her completely lacking in selfawareness, so she can't adjust or redeploy her team to overcome her shortcomings. She just screams at her subordinates until things improve. Must be real fun in her office these days.

Arizona and Kalifornia Dipsey twins.
Democrats spend like drunken road runners
during the bubble of imagined good times.

Being ugly broke is difficult to handle.

Janet was the big spender. Good job Brownie!

It was stupid of Napolitano to claim the system worked after the attempted bombing and her efforts to clarify her original statement were embarrassing. That's only part of the story and you missed or glossed over the rest.

It's worth pointing out that we don't have a TSA Director because the Republicans have blocked his nomination. And it was the Nigerians and Dutch, not the DHS or TSA, who let a terrorists with a bomb on the plane. Finally, Dutch law enforcement has determined that Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab did have a valid passport and visa in his possession when he boarded the flight to Detroit, another significant mistake in your pontification.

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