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Terrific list and annotations, Greg! Thanks for sharing.

Morris's book, Dutch, is the most irritating book I have ever read. After I figured out his style, I just jumped very the autobiography and read the biography.

While many think Paul Johnson is a great historian, I have to differ. Anyone who can write a history of the Reformation and not mention the third wave of the Reformation, the Anabaptists, isn't much of an historian in my book. After all, the Anabaptists were the intellectual and spiritual forefathers of the whole separation of the church-state debate.

You read 22 books in the past year? You have a lot of time on your hands, you're a speed reader, or you spent a lot of time on the porcelain bus (or all three).

Good list, though. I love the American Revolutionary period and the Founders. Three of my favorite books I read this past year are The Real George Washington by Jay A. Parry; Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow; and John Adams: Party of One by James Grant. All were excellent works on three of our greatest Founders; I highly recommend them.

Read Tipping Point many years ago - good read. Have all of 3 vols of Cato on Lyndon Johnson - just need time to read them! And also the book on Andrew Jackson - just not read yet. I collect biographies of US Presidents as a hobby....

I was going to post, but my name's not Ron.

The Master of the Senate also won the Pulitzer Prize.

Travis: everyone has their cross to bear.

Greg, did you take the Evelyn Woodhead Speed Reading class? (apologies to Cheech and Chong). Merry Christmas. Thanks for your posts.

You should get Nixonland, it's a terrific read. Also, what are your thoughts on Gannett's climbing stock value?

I followed your Andrew Jackson link. It was a painful read. Jackson betrayed his ally, an ally who evidently saved his life in battle. Your link, is the entry true? Betrayed in a particularly cruel way.

Uh, I believe you meant “hordes” rather than “hoards.”

A good list.

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