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Never read a dumber post by Greg in my several years reading here.

"Under these [federal] rules, a prosecutor could indict Mother Theresa."

Bad enough, but his admitted lack of understanding as to why Horne does not appeal to the R base is so disappointing. And Len is not a prominent R.

Please call the authorities and report someone stealing Greg's ID.

Cuz he ought to know better about the reasons behind why the grand jury process is kind of secret.

Lastly, he publicly purports to know and may even be directing what another person (Sandi Wilson, his employee) is going to say to the grand jury. Gee, that's pretty compelling evidence of a crime itself.

I'm not sure an indictment will be poison to Thomas if it only has to do with some of the squabbles with the BOS. While I think both he and Arpaio have abused their authority I don't think the primary voters are going to hold that against Thomas. Now, what will hurt both of them is if there are revelations of abusing their position for personal gain, going after low-level employees and non-politicians, or given preferential treatment to political friends.

Bill Montgomery may make the cut with the Supes and John Munger may reconsider a bid for AG against Horne.

The primary voters will hold it against him if he is under indictment by a federal grand jury on multiple counts of abuse of power, not to mention other felonies. This will be a statewide vote, not just Maricopa County.

Joe will not be left out.

Hubris. Exponential hubris.

Looks like Susan Bitter Smith will be another casualty of this scandal. The only reason she went anywhere last election was because of Joe, and without him at her side, her pro-abortion, Napolitanoesque style won't be welcomed by many primary voters.

As a former prosecutor, it is annoying reading this post. Greg, you have no idea what kind of information the Grand Jury is reviewing, and since you haven't been part of Arpaio's and Thomas's investigations the criminal tower and their attempts to prosecute Wilcox and Stapley, you have no idea how valid those attempts are. You are simply repeating talking points from the Board of Supervisors. In case you forgot, WILCOX and STAPLEY have been indicted, not Arpaio and Thomas. Who are you friends with that is prompting you to write such a speculative, unprofessional piece? Apparently someone on the Board of Supervisors. Please, don't let your biases toward your friends ruin the quality of this blog. You have no idea what is going on in the criminal investigations against the Supervisors other than what you read in the biased media and hear from your friends on the Board, and to those of us who have practiced criminal law for years, it sounds really naive.

Sonoran Alliance has coverage of this that doesn't just repeat the spin from the Republic. It is unfortunate Espresso Pundit is coming to the defense of the indicted Supervisors. Funny, I don't see Arpaio's and Thomas's employees quitting in droves concerned over their employers' ethics. I predict the feds' investigation will end up finding the Supervisors and their hatchet man David Smith are guilty of corruption.


". . . and since you haven't been part of Arpaio's and Thomas's investigations the criminal tower and their attempts to prosecute Wilcox and Stapley, you have no idea how valid those attempts are."

Ummm. The Stapley indictment facially has nothing whatsoever to do with the criminal court tower. Granted, it may ultimately be the motivating factor behind the Stapley indictment, but that goes to the abuse of power issue that Greg addresses above.

At any rate, it's pretty clear that Stapley's "118 Count Felony Indictment" was designed for the front page of the newspaper, not for the courtroom. Shortly after its issuance, Bob Robb gave a devastating review of the indictment in which he pointed out that the statute Stapley supposedly violated prescribes that violations of the statute are misdemeanors.

Arpaio's subsequent arrest and booking of Stapley was another meritless publicity stunt. Tell me, what was the point of arresting Stapley, other than to harass and attempt to embarass?

Hmmm, Robert Robb wrote a column entitled "There's meat in new Stapley charges." Doesn't seem very dismissive actually.


I think I am missing one part of the story. Although I agree that some things don't look right, what exactly is the motive these two men may have?

I would think motive would be integral to indictment.


Thanks for the link. I had it seen that one from Bob Robb.

Just exactly how you think it rebuts the point I was making above is beyond me though, given that Robb starts the article thusly:

"County Attorney Andrew Thomas has a habit of overreaching and overcharging in cases involving political figures that amounts to an abuse of prosecutorial discretion.

That was certainly the case in the first indictment against Supervisor Don Stapley. Nearly all the charges involved an alleged failure of Stapley to file accurate financial disclosure statements. State law specifically makes inaccurate financial disclosure statements, including a knowingly false one, a misdemeanor."

Ouch. So the first Stapley indictment was a sham.

Now, if you'll review my post above you note that I did not address the merits of the second Stapley indictment. Why? Because I don't know if the meritorious or not. The fact that Robb thinks that there's merit there is interesting, thanks for pointing that out. My only point regarding the second indictment was that Arpaio's arrest of Stapley was unwarranted (in more ways than one) and an abuse of power. Do you disagree? How was the public protected by Stapley's arrest?

You guys are kidding right? Everyone knows those charges against Stapley and Wilcox and fictional and that there is ample evidence that Joe and Thomas used their powers as prosecutors to go after their political enemies. Those are felonies. Not filing paperwork is not.

You guys are wrong about the mainstream media. It's even starting to come around. There is an editorial in the Arizona Republic today criticizing the Supervisors' decision to promote Stapley to chairman of the Board. Greg, you're behind the curve on this one when even the liberal media has figured it out.


Sandra K.,

How is using your campaign money for personal luxury items "fictional?" This is from the Stapley investigation:

Stapley allegedly spent $6000 of these funds at Bang and Olufson electronics, along with $1300 for hair implants, $400 for candle holders and $10,000 for furniture for his home. He also spent these funds, solicited as campaign money, to buy tickets to Broadway plays and movie theatres, flowers, grocery store bills, massages, department stores and trips for his family to Sundance, Utah to ski, a trip for his son and friends to Florida and a three-week vacation in Hawaii for his entire family at a beach house costing approximately $11,000.

SonoranAlliance.com is reporting that the Board's hatchetman, David Smith, has hired a high-profile criminal defense attorney to represent him in the federal Grand Jury probe. If he was worried about defamation or something noncriminal, he would have hired a regular civil defense type of attorney. The fact he's hired a high-profile criminal defense attorney who has represented killers in the past shows he's really, really scared about something. I thought there was something funny when the Grand Jury requested to interview an employee from the County Supervisors budget division. What does that have to do with Arpaio? Nothing. It has everything to do with misuse of money, can anyone say "$341 million Court Tower" which the Supervisors have blocked release of any info on?


I talked to a source in the County Attorney's Office today who said the feds have not asked to speak to a single person from that office. Thomas is not under investigation by the feds.

Greg, where are you getting your information leading you to predict that Thomas will be indicted? I think you're way off.

Interesting analysis. One area of disagreement is on the timeline. It was reported elsewhere today that the grand jury process could take up to six months.

Thus, I think a more likely timeline is that Arpaio and Thomas resign to run for Governor and AG, respectively, sometime in April or May, just before indictments are expected. Then they are able to say the indictments are politically motivatd by a Democratic administration.

Yes, the BOS gets to appoint replacements, but those replacements only serve through election day. Whoever the appointees are and no matter how hard they work, untangling that mess will take much longer than six months, and very few "smoking guns" are likely to be revealed.

The first week in November, Russell Pearce will be elected as Sheriff and Bill Montgomery as County Attorney, Arpaio will be governor-elect and Thomas AG-elect, and we return to the status quo, only at both the state AND county levels! YEA!

Oh c'mon people. Can you really not see the obvious that this grand jury is investigating Arpaio/Thomas? Mr. Patterson may be bad at predicting Avatar box office sales (har, har) but this one is going to turn out correct. There will be indictments against Arpaio or both of them. The question is - what will it mean for their future political careers. Ann suggests GOP primary voters won't vote for a state AG candidate under indictment. I think the evidence is quite clear that the AZ GOP base would. Arpaio and Thomas have spent years portraying themselves as embattled underdogs trying to fight corruption yada, yada, yada, when in reality they are powerful bullies. The GOP base has bought into their lie and I don't see that changing unless the indictments are more shocking than stuff about a prisoner bus or some computer passwords.


Clearly from your snarky reply on Linda Valdez' blog, you're an arrogant little snit. Don't mess with me. I am infinitely smarter than you.


$1300 for hair implants? That's a deal.

Not sure why you want to take the discussion here. You incorrectly claimed independent voters could not vote in AZ primary elections and insulted everyone in the comments who disagreed with you. Claiming I am arrogant because I cited the law and pointed out your insulting everyone else was not justified. How that makes me the arrogant one is a little hard for me to fathom, but as you said you are much smarter than I am so I will just take your word for it.

joe will win becasue he is correct and has the authority as sheriff to do what he needs to do.

It's fictional because it comes from Andy Thomas. The man makes up facts to suit his cases. He does not deserve the Attorneys that serve him. And thats why so many are leaving.

Sonoran Alliance is basically the cheering section for the County Attorney's office. They deliberately put out blog posts attacking Andy Thomas' potential opponents that read like slick political attack ads. This is especially true of their attacks on Tom Horne.

Nothing reported by Sonoran Alliance that involves Andy Thomas or Joe Arpaio can be taken seriously.

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