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Good article. A few things that make the Mesa deal much much better. The Cubs pay to maintain the stadium, in essence picking up all of the costs.
Every penny above the money allocated from the state and city is paid for by the Cubs.
The Cubs are also 100% responsible for the retail and mixed-use portion, something that doesn't exist in their current setup in Mesa. That's just icing on the cake and not needed to make the deal work. The Cubs are a different beast then a year-round home team. Their very presence brings people in from out of town to spend money.

Baseball, a sport where owners refuse to institute a salary cap or implement the successful NFL model of revenue sharing, is going to see the state legislature force the fans of small market teams like Milwaukee and Kansas City to subsidize one of the three wealthiest teams, the Cubs?

I think if the other teams' fans are forced to come with 8% of their ticket price in additional taxes, the teams they support should receive 8% of the revenue the new Mesa stadium brings in for the Cubs.

Accurate records are kept and updated for most sports at the highest levels, while failures and accomplishments are widely announced in sport news

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